Take my handMature

He sat with his long legs out stretched and his arms crossed casually waiting for her to make the first move. Cami checked her watch again but saw that only a matter of minutes had past.

“Why did you follow me?"

“You didn’t let me explain myself before you fled the taxi,” he replied seeming pleased that Cami had broke the ice. 

Cami leant against bus shelter careful not to stand on chips that were scattered on the ground, “what is there to explain, Holly asked you to chat me up, you agreed and I fell for it hook line and sinker.”

“Do you really think so little of yourself?” He said piecing her with his frost blue eyes.

“I…,” Cami was shocked by his bluntness.

“Holly had nothing to do with this.” Frost blue stood watching her.

“But she went striding towards you.” Cami watched as he made his way towards her, “I’m surprised that you didn’t fall for it and like every other guy that she claims they”-
Cami stopped talking breathing in his ocean scented aftershave and felt his frost blue eyes pierce her deeply. His hand moved to cup her face gently, her heart jumped to her throat. 

“I was sitting at the bar checking emails on my phone when I felt the urge to turn round and there you were. I know that sound cheesy but it’s the truth.” Cami saw his thin lips smile. 

“Your friend Holly came over her aura oozing with confidence she tried to suduce  me her charm but it failed to catch my attention as I was too busy staring at you. Holly stopped and followed my eyes sight.”Cami looked away knowing what was to come, but his other hand came up capturing Cami with determined look in his eyes as he bent his head. “She told me keep away but I needed to talk to you.”

“And now that we’ve talked?” Cami said trying to gain control of the situation.

“I don’t want you to leave without a good morning kiss,” frost blue eyes said boldly bringing her closer.

The tension from the taxi was back with a vengeance, Cami breathing was out of sync as she felt his forehead touch hers and as frost blue lowers his lips the bus suddenly pulled up besides them breaking the connection as they stepped back.

“So your place or mine?” He asked keeping hold of her hand. 

“Yours,” Cami said quickly knowing that the flat was a tip and her room a dressing room bomb from the girls coming round earlier that evening. 

Frost blue eyes pushed his lips together and reached into his pocket for his phone. “Fred hello mate would you mind bringing the taxi to Birchmor square thank you.” 

Cami stood confused as she watched him fiddle with his phone before putting it back into his black trouser pocket. “Fred?”

“Our taxi driver,” frost blue eyes said simply. 

Within moments the same black taxi stopped in front of them, frost blue eyes opened door holding it open for Cami.

Cami stepped forward and saw the mischievous look in his eyes, “you knew I would be spending the night with you.”

It wasn't a question but a statement as she got into the taxi followed by him, Cami avoided making eye contact with the taxi driver who must of known what was going on and frost blue eyes took her hand bringing her close to his hard chest. Cami leant back feeling his arms wrap around her waist and his lips brush against her ear. 

“Would you like me to leave you all hot and wanting?” He moved fingers down and across her waist. Cami breath hitched as he pulled her closer, his lips kissed the side of her neck and fingers drifted to her right leg that was crossed left. 

“That depends,” Cami moved her hand to his strong leg and slowly ran her fingers up. 
Cami felt his chest rise and fall, “on what?”

“Will you be throwing me up against the wall?” 

“Hmm,” frost blue eyes bit down on Cami earlobe and kissed her be hide her ear Cami gasped feeling her body tingle. “And ravish you until you can't take anymore…” 

The End

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