Rising tensionMature

Hyper-aware of his presence in the confide space Cami sat staring straight ahead willing the taxi driver to move faster. Her hand was still sitting in his hand after he pulled her outside, their wrists touching with their veins throbbing with the unknown excitement that was going to unfold.

Cami kept her eyes low as she took a sneak look at him through the busy street lights and couldn’t believe that she was next to this gorgeous man. Cami could picture her fingers running through his wavy short styled hair, her lips caressing his smooth cheek bones and her mind running wild at the thought of his shirt been pulled away his sturdy hard chest.
Those frost blue eyes shot towards Cami freezing her in place drinking her in as if she was a fine wine. A smile crept over his mouth, “we never introduced properly.”

“You never saw my name tag?” Cami asked enjoying the sound of his deep rich voice.

Frost blue eyes’ ranked over her body, the mischief look appeared in his eyes again, “the one that was pinned above your right breast?” He replied in a casual manner and Cami tried to keep the surprised expression off her face keeping it as natural as possible.  He lifted their hands up, “nice to meet you Cami.” 

He kisses Cami hand, his lips lingering over her soft skin and pulls back.

“You too mystery man at the bar man,” Cami smiles but then remembers Holly

talked to him first. Oh no, Cami thought to herself feeling like a silly school girl and she sat back pulling her hand away. 

Sensing the change in Cami mood, frost blue reached to take both of her hands, “Cami?"

“Oh my god that's it isn't it,” Cami snapped annoyed at herself for not seeing it before. 

“That's what?” He asked confused by her outburst. 

“Holly set me up good a proper this time, I'm sorry you've been dragged into this,” Cami sighed and leant forward in her seat. “Excuse me driver can you pull over here?” 

“Cami what's wrong?” He tried to take her hand but Cami snatched it away. “Cami don't do this.”

Cami couldn't look at the man for fear that she would be lost in those frost blue eyes and fall into his arms. The taxi driver pulled over near a small shopping area that was all closed for the evening, Cami pulled her scarf around her neck and opened her purse to give the taxi driver the fare. 

“Look at me,” his voice low as he spoke causing Cami to stop in her tracks. “Can we just talk about about whatever the hell is happening here?” 

Cami took a deep breath as she gripped her hand on the door handle, “it was nice meeting you."


Cami opened the door, “I'm sorry you were set up.” With that said Cami got out of the taxi closing the door before he said anything else. 

The winter wind consumed Cami as she hugged her black jacket close to her blouse. Cami couldn't believe that her friend had set her up with that man, how desperate did that make her? On other hand Cami couldn't blame Holly not totally anyway, Holly cared for each of her friends wanting them to be happy and no doubt saw an opportunity to help brighten Cami dull mood. 

At the bus stop Cami gazed over the timetable, she huffed seeing the next bus time and watched as her breath foggy the plastic screen that was covered in dents and marks.

“Looks like we’ve got some time before the next  bus comes,” Cami whipped her head round to face him. “So why don't we sit and chat.” 

The End

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