The speedy dateMature

Cami was not the flirtatious type but there was something about the man at the bar that awakened inner goddess. 

Every table was full in the room; her friends were separated busy talking to the male that was in front of them.

“Ah you are my missing lady,” Cami jumped slightly hearing lady love voice across the room.

Cami watched as the woman made her away across the floor, “I have the man of your dreams waiting for you, come with me!” Cami had no choice in the matter as the woman gasped her hand.

Lady love leads Cami to table near the window where a bald man was sat looking down on his phone.

“Howard this is Cami,” lady love introduced Cami as the man stood.

“I will leave you two to get to know one another,” lady love beamed with happiness and fluttered away like a butterfly. 

“Let's sit we only have 10 minutes left before I have to move on,” Howard said getting straight to the point and sat back down on the chair. 

Cami couldn't help but raise her eyes to the ceiling as she pulled her chair out and sat as the waiter appeared asking if she would like a drink. I think I need one Cami thought not only to get through the next 10 minutes but to recover from frost blue eyes. 

“I’m manger of a market and export industry, what is it that you do?” Howard asks laying his hands on the table. 

“I work for a wedding company,” Cami said receiving her glass of much needed wine.

“That sounds like a handful.” Howard asks appearing interested. 

“It can be challenging at times,” Cami replied taking a sip of wine her eyes glancing around the room quickly. 

“Hmm many women turn into bridezilla’s I've heard,” Howard smirked sitting back in his chair. 

Cami thought carefully about her answer before answering, knowing full well that even the simplest wedding could transform into a nightmare. “Every bride wants to feel special on their wedding day. So Howard what do you do outside of work?”

“I play golf with some of the men from work, in fact that’s where most of the business deals take place,” Howard explained and Cami tried to remain interested as he spoke about a sport that Cami had very little interest in. Time was running out and Howard was still talking about him not allowing Cami chance to talk…the wine was lowering within the glass.

“The ball landed in the sand, I knew that Frank did not stand a chance as it took him 10 swings last time to get the ball out and as he approached”-

A bell was echoed throughout the room signalling that it was time to change.

“Well I guess that ends our conversation, nice meeting you,” Howard stood squinting at her name tag, “Cami.”

“You to Howard,” Cami smiled as Howard moved on to the next table.

Cami eyes wondered over to the door where the bar was, was he still there?

The men that followed were a disaster, no attraction and self centred seeming bored when Cami spoke about herself. Her friend Rachel text her asking if she was having any luck.

‘Apart from wanting to bang my head up against the window?’ Cami replied and saw the next male to appear wearing a Manchester united football shirt, jeans and with an unruly beard.

“Hello I’m Ryan, like Ryan Giggs from Manchester united,” Ryan joyfully introduced himself.

“And I’m leaving sorry Ryan,” Cami stood and left a stunned Ryan as she made her escape.

Cami saw Grace near the door and conveyed a quick message of her leaving and pushed the door open feeling a sense of relief hearing the door shut as she made her way into the bar.

Oh gosh!

Cami came to a stop as he sat on the bar stool and as if sensing her return he motioned to the bar tender to pour a shot another glass. Taking deep determined breath Cami walked with confidence towards the bar, he slide the shot glass to the side and reached for his own raising it in the air toasting. Without looking at him Cami grasped the glass and drank the vodka feeling the slight burn down her throat.

“Another?” He asked turning his head slightly taking in her every detail.

Cami licked her lips and heard his intake of breath.



The End

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