Chapter 1Mature

First draft containing mature themes.
Will valentine's evening bring excitement? Passion? Heartbreak? Mystery?
Only time will tell.



“Explain to me again why we are here?” Cami asked her friends as they escorted her through the crowded club.

“Because no single girl should alone on valentine’s night,” Rachel replied happily and pulled Cami over to the signing in table. They were each given a name tag and a glass of bubbly.

“Not a bad looking bunch,” Grace observed the men who were gathered around the room.

“I’ve seen worse,” Holly smiled at a tall blonde by the bar.

“Erm you’ve got a man already,” Grace nudge Holly with her elbow. “Remember Josh.”

“We are only causal, no strings, no commitment,” Holly finished her glass of bubbly and made her move striding towards the tall blonde by the bar wearing a dark blue shirt and suite.

“I don’t know how she does it,” Cami said in wonder and watched as her friend flicked her strawberry curls. The man did not stand a chance, once Holly dug her claws into him then he was hers. Cami admired her friend confidence with men, seen as though she could hardly keep a relationship going for more than a few months.

“She enjoys the challenge, don’t you remember the first week of uni?” Grace questioned finishing her glass of bubby and taking another from the table. “I’m surprise she didn’t fit in a turnstile with the amount of guys that visited.

“I don’t think I could forget some of those guys,” Rachel sighed dreamily.  

“Didn’t you go out with one of them?” Cami asked remembering seeing one of the guys a few weeks later turn up at the flat with a bunch of flowers.

“Ah yes…Harry from Wales…” Rachel eyes clouded over caught up in the past. Cami shared a look with Grace and shrugged.

The room was filling with a mix of people who were looking for love whether it was the heartfelt love that Cami had only read about or the love for just the night.

“If I can have everybody’s attention,” a woman was stood on small built stage holding a microphone in one hand and a clipboard in the other. With jet black hair and a striking red dress she stood out from the crowed. Everyone turned towards the woman, “I am lady love and I am here to help you all find love.”

Cami looked over and saw that Holly had accomplished that without anyone help. Why can’t it be that easy for me? Cami wondered feeling slightly envious of her best friend pulling tactics.

“When we move next door I want the ladies to be seated at all times and the men you will be moving clockwise when you hear the bell ring. Now take your drinks, keep it sweet and let’s meet the love of your lives.” Lady love was full of enthusiasm as she spoke, leaving the crowed stunned before making their way into the next room where chairs were arranged around the room with numbers on the table.

Cami finished her drink knowing full well that it was only cheap bubbly and felt a hand on her arm expecting it to be Holly she started to talk, “let me guess he’s going to take you back to his place, leave you all hot and wanting in the taxi before you throwing up against the hallway and ravish you until you can hardly take anym…oh I…” Cami strutted and wishing for once that the ground would swallow her whole.

“I usually offer first drinks, but if you prefer to cut to the chase then I’ll get us a taxi,” the tall blonde held hand out and Cami could felt her heart thumping as she stared into his frost blue eyes.

“Oh…I’m,” Cami stuttered looking down feeling her cheeks glow. “I’m so sorry I thought you was my friend, she’s the one who always approaches guys and then lets us know that she is leaving, it’s girl code after all, given the fact that I look out for my friends when we go out it’s just routine, Holly calls usually the next day telling me about it so I just presumed that she was going back with you…” A finger appeared on Cami lips without warning hushing her babble.

“Take a deep breath,” frost blue eyes told her taking a deep breath himself, Cami copied his actions and released her chest. “I think you need a drink after that.”

“That would be great but I need to get back to my friends, they dragged me out tonight and the least I can do is take part in this valentine event.” Cami sighed looking at the door.

“I see girl code?” He asks wearing a knowing smile on his clean shaved face, his frost blue eyes full of mischief. “Are there any exceptions to the code?”

Cami breath hitches as the tall strong built male stepped towards her petite frame, she was grateful for Rachel’s leather ankle heeled boots now as she stood below his broad shoulder and took a another breath calming herself. “Possible,” she said looking up from under her eyelashes.

“Let me guess, not tonight?” He asks.

“It’s still early,” Cami gave him a flirtatious smile before leaving him slightly stunned yet the knowing smile still remained.



The End

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