A girl who likes sad songs


Raymond slid off the table. The sound of rushling fabric moved behind her. His body heat closed in but never touched her.  His breath hissed into her ear. Adilia looked the other way. Adilia was tought not to show fear. She started mouthing the words of Paul Simon song. She had learned english through music.

" Hmm...Interesting...so...you like alpha males. Older Alpha males..."

Adilia eyes darted in his direction " I'm sure my co-workers all thought I was asexual."

Raymond suddenly started walking away  " They called you the f word. Frigid."

Adilia shrugged.

" You are not going to defend yourself?" Raymond asked

Raymond quickly moved. He was blurr of movement in her peripheral vision. All of a sudden she felt him breathing into her ear canal.

" I think you are the type to jerk off through their day dreams. What do you dream of? Stability? Chicken cooked in a slow cooker? A beagle? The f***** american dream?"

Adilia finally looked up at him. Her eyebrows were slightly raised.

" Your partner is about to knock on the glass."

Raymond looked at her oddly " How, do you know that?"

Adilia looked towards the mirror and shrugged " I saw her shadow move."

Raymond slowly turned to leave, his eyes never once moved away from her. She was looking at the metal table now. She was matching her fingerprints to the prints on the table.

Karieda glared at Raymond and shook her head.

" What?" Raymond asked.

" Your an idiot." Karieda moved past him. Not letting even a speck or fiber of her person near him.

She turned around quickly and pointed her finger " Don't you dare say what. You want to keep her around...in your dysfunctional way."

" She's a terrorist."

" She's a student" Karieda thrusted out her chin and ponted to a stack of paper.

" So Egypt is finally co-operating..." Raymond walked to a stack of papers, fuffled through them mostly to anony Karieda.

" It's just a transcript. There's no proof of her ever being egyption."

" Except her passport!" Karieda hissed

Adilia shouted " Does that mean I can go home then?"


The End

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