Valentine discovers there are somethings money can't buy, things she would kill for.


A single light bulb flickered like a candle over her head. She couldn't keep her eyes off of it. It usually made white skin turn green but she wasn't white. They didn't know what she was. Her skin color could be called mocha, cafe au lait.  Right now it looked as if it emited heat.  Her face cast in orange light and edged in dark shadows like rising smoke.

Raymond tapped the one way glass, Karida looked up and raised her perfectly plucked eyebrows. The girl glanced at the mirror, then went back to starring at the light bulb. Karida looked at her, Raymond could feel the distain pouring off her stiffing form. Karida walked out. The girl watched every footstep and shadow fall onto the tiled floor.

Raymond tucked the papers back into the folder and looked at Karida expectantly. Karida shooked head and tapped her fingers on her pencil skirt.

" She refuses to speak anything other than english but I can tell from the way her .head tilts to the side, she can understand korean,spanish and ofcourse arabic."

 Raymond sighed he pushed back his soot colored hair. He smoothed down his loose button up shirt.

" Ok I'm going to go in there and scare the s*** out of her. "

Karida shrugged but stiffened imediately afterwards. Raymond had no time or desire to smooth out her ruffled feathers. He walked out silently. Karida stiffened once more and then set her attention of the girls file.

She was posing as an Epgytion student working in as an intern in the CIA no less. Her Visa led them to the name of Adilia El Saadawi. In the states she was about to graduate honnors. In Egypt...well the Egyption government wasn't cooperating right now so she remained an engima.

Raymond strolled in, Adilia looked over at him and sat up straighter. Raymond smiled at her. Adilia looked away at her hands.

She cleared her throat and muttered " I told her, that I forgot the file was in my bag."

Raymonds shadowed shrugged and loomed accross the table.

" All I want to know, is what the f*** are you?"

" I want to be a one who speaks in the name of peace."

Raymond shrugged again as he spat out " Peace. hmm...I looked up the meaning of your name and do you know what I found out?"

Adilia looked up and slowly folded heer hands infront of her.

" I found out it means just, loyalty. Are you loyal to your country Adilia?"

All of a sudden her eyes started...leaking. There were no sobs, though. Raymond couldn't stand messy cryers, hestrics...and the like. The tears flowed down silently. She pushed them away as if she was embrassed. Then buried her face in her elbow.

" I told the woman, I put the wrong file in my bag..."

Raymond slowly found himself lowering his butt on to the table and sitting on it. Adilia felt the table shift,she wiped her nose on her prison issued t-shirt. Then glanced up. Raymond looked at her, really looked at her.

Her hair was even darker than his, her hair was messier than his, if that was even possible, not quite curly, not quite straight. It was cut jaggedly over her shoulders. Her eyes appeared brown but from this close they actual appeared to be broze.

" Look, I can make this all go away you just need to be honest, why were you so interested in the Congressman?"

" It was an accident..."

"Your computer was clean, you never went on the internet at work..."

Adilia looked up at Raymond expectantly.

Raymond whispers " You looked at the congressman's family googled him..."

Adilia bit her lip then leaned over, they were practically nose to nose but she took no notice.

" I'm...I'm in love with him..."





The End

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