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          The following writing may contain mature subject matter that some readers may find unsettling: graphic violence, gore, drugs, sexuality, vulgarity, nudity and other mature themes.

          This writing is fiction. Names, characters, settings and events are either used fictitiously or are products of the writers' imaginations. Any resemblance to real events, settings or people, dead or alive, is coincidental unless stated otherwise.



            "It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds."

                                            -- Aesop, Greek Fable-Writer


            Agassiz Castle was a grand architectural feat of the Cartographfairies. Was nestled upon the edge of a mountain, the peak of which rose into the clouds. That was one of two twin mountains. The other was Mount Agassiz. Both Mount Agassiz and the Peak of Angels were at the center of the mountain range. Sheltered from the wrath of the ocean, and dotted with rich valleys. The erratic elevation of the geography seemed alien to the players in Agassiz Kingdom, as they were all from Winnipeg, Manitoba, in Canada. They were accustomed to a flat prairie landscape, when they left the confines of the city.

            Follow me, to the base of the pillar, Jack. The voice in the wind was loud and ethereal.

            Several towers reached upward in sunlit glory, their blue cone-heads covered in snow. And the central tower, with many windows, gave the impression of an edifice.

            Yes, Jack. The middle one. You're early, but we'll see what we can do.

            Not far from where he had began, a new player was walking along the roof of the castle. He was in giant spires, with their connecting halls and stabling buttresses. It all seemed so grand and enchanting to him.

            Virginia told us you wouldn't come. Y'know, her husband made this castle long before our release. It's pretty, don't you think?

            He was a young man, face thick with baby-fat. And he carried a longsword awkwardly in two strong arms. The look on his face portrayed paranoia, as if he thought any one of the stoic palace guards might suddenly lunge at him. However, they remained still against the howling winds that caressed the castle roof.

            You're not one for conversation, are you, Jack? Got a lot of thinking to do, eh? Well, there's a lot of clarity to be had staring at this place.

            The central tower, unlike most of the others, had an exterior entrance. Two big, ornate doors of thick oak. And carved into each was a diagonal line. Together, they formed a 'V' upon the door, identical calligraphy to the game's logo. And they seemed to boom outward, like electric speakers on an antique boom-box, echoing that haunting voice into the wind.

            "Be quiet," the man said to the doors. And immediately, they swung open invitingly. It was an aviary. Guano dotted the floor, and pulleys swayed in the wind as they held barges of bird seed in place.

            The voice said nothing.

            "Why!? Why did you call me here? To look at bird droppings? Is this some kind of veiled insult?" Johan Gleimhurst's shouts dispersed a flock of carrier pigeons that lined the tower's lowest set of seed trays. They sought a higher place to ear, away from the disturbance.

            The voice said nothing.

The End

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