Vada: The HunterMature

A father and daughter team of Vampire and Werewolf slayers. The Father is 1/2 Vampire and 1/2 human, his daughter had a Succubus mother. They team together to destroy Vampires and Werewolves in Eastern Europe during the 15t century. The novel starts in the year 1292AD and continues till present time following the adventures of the team.

William and Bella

       As I approach the cottage, I can smell cabbage. Most likely a stew of sorts. I have been called upon to help a young girl and her father. The cottage, with it’s high pitched, moss covered roof was not unlike all the others in the village. The rafters were built with a steep slope which allowed run-off of rain and snow. Their humble home was small and built of stone and timber. The robust construction kept them safe from wolves, mountain lions, and bears who lurked in the lush, dense forests that surrounded them. Despite this, their was no protection from an intruder who was threatening them inside their home. Outside I can see a horse carriage, no doubt used for travels into the nearby town. Heavy, damp air discouraged the disbursement of chimney smoke. The cottage appeared to be enveloped in a white cloud, barely visible if it were not for the glow of their fire and a lit candle placed by a window. Winter will soon arrive and bring brutal cold.       

     The flatlands of Romania are quite fertile and this family took full advantage.  Apple orchards and cherry trees were abundant on their land. A large vegetable garden covered an area to the east but by now had been harvested of its products. Wild boars will come at night and make short work of a few pumpkins and gourds left untouched in the fields. Several fenced-in areas surround the cottage. Akin to the architectural hardiness of their dwelling, these fences were built high and sturdy and offered both protection and confinement of pigs, oxen, sheep, and goats. Chickens were left to fend for themselves and barely scampered away as I approached.

     Invited in, I now see that cabbage stew with sausage was indeed placed over the wood fire that was used for both heating and meal preparation.  William had started the fire some time ago, the orange-blue color of the inner timbers revealed it’s age and strength. William was a stocky man with red hair and a full thick beard. A Viking heritage quite apparent in his physical features. His large hands and broad shoulders most certainly were an asset on the farm. 

     My first glance of William’s daughter was alarming. Bella was once a strong and lively fourteen year old peasant girl. She managed livestock, tended the gardens, and did household chores without a whimper. People of this region tend to resemble their land, they were stout and built to last. She now looks emaciated, worn, and almost catatonic. Bella was curled up on the kitchen floor close to the fire with a hand-made wool blanket pulled close to her body, as if she had never been so cold. The making of scarves, hats, and blankets were what most of the women in this region did. Bella swaddled herself with her blanket not so much as a source of warmth, but rather as a pointless attempt to feel secure and self-protected. Her only movement was to occasionally lift her head to look at her bed as if she were expecting someone or something to emerge. She again lowered her head and for the moment, appeared relieved. She sighed and muttered under her breath “maybe tonight they won’t come.” She drew her knees to her chest and stared toward her room, mumbling under her breathe.

   Bella’s father nervously paced the kitchen floor as he related to me the problems that have befallen his daughter. I sense he was confused and in desperate need of help. “My daughter hasn't been able to eat well for several weeks” said William. “She mumbles incomprehensible words and will often stare at her bed. I have found her asleep on the floor, her nightclothes often covered in blood. She is afraid to sleep at night and takes short naps during the day only if someone else is in the house with her. She tells me that she can feel something walking on her bed. When she does sleep, I notice that she has labored breathing, like a great weight has been placed on her chest. On occasion, she rolls out of bed and doesn’t awaken. She looks so tired and she is losing weight” 

     William goes on, “Bella has wounds on her body and I do not know how they got there. As one wound starts to heal, another appears in it’s place.” People said that Bella was cursed. Her mother having had the same symptoms and craziness about her before she died. But I knew the true/real root of their problem and it was not a curse or a hex. William looked distraught, he almost wept as he continued,  “I am afraid that if these behaviors continue she will soon die as did her mother. At the marketplace last week an old woman, with many years experience raising children, told me that Bella may be possessed by a demon. This is why I have called upon you”. William had heard from other villagers that I am a Demon-Driver.

      I approached Bella with a calmness that conveyed I meant her no harm. I explained that I needed to examine her body. She did not flinch as I unwrapped the blanket that seemed to offer her a false sense of safekeeping. Most young women would have objected to such an intimate investigation but Bella held no bashful modesty. Perhaps partly due to the fact that I am a woman myself. Maybe she sensed I am here to help her. I can see that Bella had scrape marks across her shoulder blades, as well as on her cheeks and forehead. There were bruises on her neck and chest. I have seen these distinctive marks many times over the last century. I know that I must see more of her body. With Bella’s permission, I examined her calves and buttocks and found more marks and scars. Further investigation revealed small puncture wounds around her neck. There were gashes and lacerations across both her breasts as well. I knew instantly that these wounds were inflicted upon her by an Incubus.

    Bella suddenly straightened her spine, she pulled and rewrapped the blanket more tightly around her body. A look of fear washed over her face. She pushed herself back, forcing her spine tight against the wall. Bella drew her knees upward closer to her chest, extended her right hand and pointed toward her bedroom. She looked at her father and screamed out, “Why can’t you see them. You never see them. They are over there.”

     William did not turn to look in the direction of Bella’s point. Instead, he looked down at the floor as if he already knew that he would not see what Bella thinks she sees. It is obvious to me that the two of them have acted out this game before and William knew he couldn’t win. He knew that he would see nothing out of the ordinary and stood behind his silent refusal to look. William was overcome with frustration. He loved his daughter and believed he had failed to protect he,r but knows not what to do.  He was tormented by a fear that she may die. He grabbed a few potatoes from the pantry and began to prepare them for the stew. An obvious attempt to deny what was happening, even if only for a brief moment. Despite his great frame and robustness, he looked a beaten man. Bella turned to look at her father and shouted,  “Stop peeling those damned potatoes and look. Please believe me. Please believe me. Please believe me. Oh God, won’t somebody help me.” pleaded Bella. Tears formed in her eyes but did not roll down her cheeks. Bella’s glance now turned toward her bed, Her voice trembled as she stated “I am not crazy, They are on my bed, I can see them”. She looked defeated, fearing she must accept the inevitable.


 An Incubus is a male demon that attacks his victim at night while they sleep. A female Incubus is labeled a Succubus. Incubus are extremely strong. Some say they are endowed with the strength of ten men. Attacks are sexual in nature and also include physical assaults such as choking, biting, scratching, and dragging the victim across the bed or floor. Such behaviors explain the wounds on Bella’s body. While being violated, a victim is unable to move or cry out, they are in a near paralysis-like state. An Incubus will visit his victim almost every night and carry out his perverse acts for hours. The victim gradually becomes sleep deprived and will eventually succumb to acts of physical and emotional abuse beyond human endurance. Death by exhaustion, starvation, and fear. People can neither see nor hear an Incubus with the exception of its intended/chosen victim. The Incubus will often taunt and menace his victim throughout daylight hours by showing himself to her (a reminder of things to come). Since no one else can see the Incubus, other people assume the victim is insane and therefore do little to help. 

    Some Incubus choose to impregnate a human woman. This is how more are made. If impregnated, the Incubus is careful not to take his victim to the point of death. Victims are left incapacitated and weak. When the helpless mother goes into labor, the fathering Incubus and many of his clan members gather at her bedside. The Incubus will then steal the infant. Any newborn of Incubus bloodline will become an Incubus the moment it nurses from a Succubus. The new human mother is then assaulted, tortured, and murdered by the clan. The mother’s flesh and blood will be used to feed the suckling on the second day of its life. It is rare that a human Mother will give birth to a baby and not have it seized by the fathering Incubus. A pregnant Succubus will give birth at her lair, surrounded by members of her clan. A newborn from the womb of a Succubus will be part of the clan. If for some reason the newborn nurses first from a human, he or she will retain human qualities and most likely lead a normal life. This is a rare occurrence, although, this did happen once, a long time ago, and I am that child. My name is Vada, it means “The Hunter.”


    Two creatures sat upon Bella’s bed and began to terrorize the already frightened and exhausted girl with threats of violence and physical abuse. They lifted their lips to form a snarl, exposed their grotesque teeth, and scraped their nails across her pillow, all the while maintaining eye contact with her. I lean to Bella and quietly whispered in her ear “ I can see them too.”  Bella looked up with an expression of relief, an expression that quickly faded as her glance fell back upon her bedroom. “You are lying to me, don’t pity me, don’t patronize me.” 

     I sat on the floor next to her and looked in the direction of her gaze. We were both sitting against the wall, both looking toward her bedroom, and both seeing the same hideous thing. I start to describe to Bella what I see.  Bella can hardly believe that finally someone else can see them too. William assumed that I was simply trying to soothe her. I will allow this assumption for now.

     In Bella’s bedroom stood two grotesque creatures, one was an Incubus named Gar and the other a Succubus named Adella. Both were members of a clan from the southern most forests that lie near Wallachia in Romania. I knew this clan and its members. They both knew Bella could see them, but did not know that I could (I own the ability to see creatures even when they are invisible to humans). This is what will give me the advantage. I spoke to Bella in a low tone of voice so that they could not hear me and instructed her to do the same. I convinced Bella to sleep in her bed this evening. She was hesitant and fearful, but finally agreed to do so. I assured Bella that tonight would be the last time those monsters would harm her. I planned to stay in her room and when the creatures began their tandem attack, I would kill them both.

   Bella’s room was simple, uncluttered and orderly. Semi-sheer drapery hung from the ceiling to the floor providing the partial privacy that a teenage girl needed. The only light source for her room emitted from the kitchen’s fire that was located thirty feet away. I sat on a small, handmade chair and waited while she slipped into her stained, but freshly washed night clothes and crawled into her bed. Bella fell asleep quickly probably feeling somewhat safe for the first time in many weeks. She had faith that I could do what I claimed.

     The first to appear was the Incubus Gar. He seemed disinterested in my presence assuming I did not have knowledge of him. He was about four feet tall with his head and genitalia being disproportionately large for his short stature. He owned a stocky, muscular frame, but was quite agile. His arms and legs looked too short for his body. His translucent skin was of an ashen gray color with brown, raised, wart-like lesions and enlarged pimples. The odor of stale urine surrounded him. The open pustules on his lips and back oozed a foul-smelling yellow liquid with every movement of his body. His long fingernails were thickened and sharp. 

    Gar crawled onto the bed with Bella and promptly sat upon her chest.  Weighing approximately four hundred pounds, his mass was more than Bella could bear. The weight of this creature upon Bella’s chest made it difficult for her to breathe. I could see her chest heave as she struggled to bring air into her lungs. The Incubus had small claw-like feet with toenails resembling daggers. He hooked them into Bella’s thighs much like a bird would grasp a tree limb and placed his left hand around her throat. He began to touch and squeeze his engorged penis with his free hand. An act of defecation followed/ coinciding his masturbation. The Incubus started his biting ritual on Bella’s neck. Droplets of blood formed at each puncture site. Gar moved his rough tongue over these blood droplets and looked much like a cat lapping spilt cream off a floor. Gar tightened his grip with his feet and penetrated Bella with his now swollen penis. He appeared to be at the height of his excitation.

      I felt the presence of the Succubus moments before she placed her hand on my arm. Unlike Gar, Adella did not show an indifference to me. I could see her now. She was curious about my attendance. Perhaps she thought I would make a good victim. She thought wrong. The Succubus looked and smelled much like her Incubus partner but, in female form. Her breasts were small, almost nonexistent. She was starring at me, contemplating my presence, I pretended not to notice her. Adella opened her mouth wide with the intention of biting my hand. Big mistake. I reached down and grabbed her hair with my left hand and pulled her head backwards. She let out a scream and spit foul thick pus at my face. Placing my right hand inside her mouth I pulled down on her jaw, dislocating it from her ugly face. Her teeth penetrated my hand as she fought to break loose. Biting, clawing, and spitting are what I hated most about these disgusting creatures. So cowardly they are. I found grip of the large metal rod I had brought into the room. I bashed her across the head. Her skull opened.  She was dead. 

     Still having hold of her jaw, I lifted her body and threw her corpse at Gar who was by now well into his act of intercourse. The weight of Adella’s body knocked Gar from Bella’s chest and he fell onto the floor. He tried to escape the room but was unsuccessful. I was stronger and quicker than he. Grasping him by the throat, I lifted his claw-like feet off the floor. He tried in vain to break my grip. I continued to squeeze his neck, pustules burst releasing a thick, foul discharge that oozes onto my hand making my grip slippery, he soon became limp in my hands. The Incubus was not dead yet. Driving the metal rod through his abdomen, I pinned his body to the wooden floor, I now wait for him to awaken.  

       Bella was awake and had witnessed the horrid/ghastly events. Gazing at the motionless Incubus pinned to the floor by the very weapon that moments earlier was used to kill his mate, Bella’s entire body fell into a deep state of relaxation. I saw the tiredness and fear drain from her body. Her face no longer held a look of tension. She closed her eyes, said “Thank you”, and fell fast asleep. The Incubus Gar started to move. He was quite angry but in no condition to do anything about it except hiss and scream. I find the hiss of an Incubus to be quite annoying. Unable to defend himself, Gar was at my mercy, but I am not in the least bit merciful. I retrieved a Quiva knife from my pocket. The next movement of my knife removed both central incisor teeth, I took my time cutting each one out. Enough playtime. My sword will finish him. One quick motion and Gar was beheaded. Gar’s teeth were placed on a chain which I hung around my neck The heads of Adella and Gar will be delivered to their clan. A warning to take heed.

      For now, I had managed to help this unfortunate young lady but I do not know what will happen to Bella in the future. Hopefully, she is not pregnant. I have instructed William to summon me if she is known to be with child. There will be no help for her baby if she is. If I am around for the birth. I will kill the child without hesitation or pangs of conscience. 

The End

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