whooptie doo

"Whooptie doo" I thought to myself. A month on an island with only four beach houses. What are the odds that they will be my friends or a . . . guy? Not likely.  When I asked Jackie she was more then excited to go. Only two beach houses were rented out, so Jackie 's family thought it would be great. Her brother just got out of rehab for drugs. Her brother was a great guy and after that "incident" it all went down hill. He was pretty good looking. He had blonde hair and blue icy eyes like Jackie. Tall and pretty well built, but lost a lot of muscle when in rehab.  He was back to himself now. Happiest guy you'll meet. He wanted change and he got it. Now he runs a support group for people that were like him. "Lee!" 

Lee. Your probably thinking thats a guy's name. But, it isn't. It's my name. I am 13 year old girl, light brown hair, and hazel eyes. Usually I wear my long hair down letting it be naturally wavy, especially in the summer. Never really tried to do much else with it.

"Yah?" I ask.
"We are leaving tomorrow, yah know?" My mother swishes in through my door way.
"I know, Im almost done packing," I say smiling sarcastically.
"Okay, make sure you have everything you need," My mother glides down the hallway before I could say okay.

I roll my eyes. Ugh, I was packed. I have all my clothes flung into a suitcase, some electronics in a smaller bag, and chargers,books, and other miscellaneous items in another. I was over bored. So why not call jackie, she was leaving tommorow to, following my parents to the island.

Ring. . .ring. . .ring.
"Leester!" jackie yells echoeing offf my ear drums.
"Jackster!" I reply laughing. "Can't wait for tommorow!"
"I know, I do hate that we have to wake up at 4am but whatever, its going to be a kick butt summer!"
"It better be, I'm just hoping that there are two amazing guys there waiting for us," that's what I really wanted.
"That would be the cherry on top!" She replies giggling. Ruffling starts in the backround.
"Sorry Lee but  I gotta go, I'll see ya tommorow!"
"B-" cutting me off. I roll my eyes, we never had long conversations over the phone, or texting, usually just in person. Which I didn't mind at all. 

The End

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