Author's NotesMature

Tags: female lead, fantasy adventure, post apocalypse, mystery

Written via stream of consciousness with minimal editing.

Author's Notes

The idea for this story came almost seven years ago. I wanted to write a story featuring one of my favorite characters in my favorite background. I wrote for almost a month but then fell of the bandwagon. When I picked it back up again I was surprised at the work but frustrated because I never finished it. I hope someday I will.

Messenger's Code

1 Once inside a Border you stay there for a week

2 Never leave the main roads, to do so invites death.

3 Altruism is dead-in the end all you have is yourself

4 When in doubt, don't get involved.

5 ...

6 ...

7 Travel light and never at night.

8 Never look into a Hunter's eyes.

9 Never tell them your name.

10 Never, ever fall in love.

The End

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