Captain Farstolf

It was several moments of silence that led up to what was one of the more intense moments on the IMT Pretty Boy.

Amsterdam, Yoko, Yuk (who had regained consciousness by this point) and especially Brutus, all waited nervously for the inevitable visit from the captain. And sure enough, moments after Amsterdam had regained control of the ship, the intimidating footsteps came up the metal staircase from below deck, where the captain's quarters were a few floors down.

Amsterdam seemed to be the only one that wasn't particularly anxious about whatever punishment he would be provided with after he presented his explanation of what happened to the captain. He would have liked to blame the captain for not being on deck during the chase as the cause of the stupid black-hole-decision, but he would probably be pushing it a bit.

Yoko lay in her hammock, contemplating in silence everything that had happened over the last few minutes. It had all occured very very quickly, and she was slightly shaken up, but knew that she wouldn't be punished on the same scale as Amsterdam, and that put her mind at rest. Below her, she heard Yuk-Burn sniff.

"What happened? My head is killing me..." His voice was gravelly, but not normally. That was due to his hangover. And the fact that he'd just regained consciousness for the second time in only a few minutes.

Yoko lowered herself from her hammock and joined Yuk on his. "Oh I'm not even sure how we're going to explain it to you, let alone-" She was cut off by a booming voice and a loud growl that echoed through the upper deck.

"What did you idiots do?!"

Yoko turned around to see the captain stood at the top of the staircase, a fierce and intense look of anger streaked across his face. His mouth was hanging open like it normally did, and his forehead was creased, not from anger, but from what his face normally looked like. He had long black hair and his mouth took up most of his face, filled with tiny but sharp teeth all the way around. His eyes were jet black to match his hair, and his face was covered in tiny red bloody vessels which were all the more prominent against his pale skin. His body was huge and empowering, and he wore a set of armour that had clearly seen many battles and matched his overall red-black-white colour scheme.

Brutus, Yuk and Yoko all froze in fear, none of them daring to answer, but the captain had no interest in them. He looked past them, at Amsterdam, who was sitting in the pilot's seat at the controls, whistling merrily to himself.

"Oh dear God," said Yoko to herself.

The captain strode over to the cockpit in five mighty steps, each one seeming to shake the ship even more than the last. He gripped the back of Amsterdam's seat and swung it round, grabbing Amsterdam's face as it faced him.

"Oh, Captain Farstolf, good to see you," Amsterdam half-mumbled through the captain's hand over his face.

Farstolf lowered his hand and brought it around Amsterdam's throat, picking him up like a ball of wool and slamming him down on the controls. The ship suddenly lurched down, shocking everybody, but the captain stayed cool, as if it hadn't even happened.

"What did you do?!" he barked again. Little specks of saliva found their way from the captain's mouth to Amsterdam's face, and as the captain leaned in closer and closer, waiting for an answer, Amsterdam spoke slowly.

"The IPF were chasing us, and Brutus over there decided to take the helm and direct us through a black hole to escape. I couldn't wrestle the controls off him," he said sincerely, before leaning in closer to whisper, "He's surprisingly strong for a glorified midget, captain." There was heavy sarcasm in his tone, and it enraged the captain.

He picked Amsterdam up by his shirt and heaved him down the length of the deck, sending him crashing into a desk at the far end. For a moment he lay there, still, before coughing and leaning up. The captain sat down in the pilot's seat and did not look back at his idiot of a first mate, now sprawled across the floor and spluttering.

The End

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