The Other Side

Realising his attempts to control the ship were in vain, Brutus cursed and let go. The I.P.F ship could be made out adjusting its course as the ship was engulfed in colourless darkness, if that monstrosity had been caught in the black hole it would have been crushed.

Billions of galactic dollars destroyed chasing a band of, what they considered to be, insignificant criminals. The 'Pretty Boy' shook violently as it was drawn in by the collosal power of the rift in space.

"Strap in!" Brutus shouted, desperately fastening numerous safety belts and locking himself down in his chair. The ship was tossed like a rag doll as it was sucked into the void. Brutus closed his eyes tight, the ship was going to be torn apart. There was no doubt in Brutus' mind. There was an almighty crash and another violent rumble.

"What the hell is going on." Came the agitated cry of Yuk, knocked clean from his hammock. The ship jolted again and he was slammed into the ceiling and knocked back out again.

The rest of the crew were busy gripping onto whatever they could find. Many of them offering their excuses to whatever deity patronised their race. Suddenly the shaking stopped.

Brutus peeled his left eye open slightly, then fully. Wherever they were it wasn't showing up on the navigation system. The screen displayed the message co-ordinates unknown.

The sight from the cockpit was one of wonder, streams of stars scattered across the blackness of space, organised into clumps as if they had been spilled from a glass. Beautiful shocks of reds and purples streaked across the nebulous abyss, reflected from a boiling star nearby. Nearby the wreckage of another ship hung limply in the emptyness. Rubble and debris strewn about its crushed form.

"Amsterdam." Brutus called with a stunned distance to his voice. "Get up here."

The humanclimbed back into the cockpit, checking the navigation panel. Amsterdam slumped himself in the co-pilots chair, flicking his hair back and shuffling into the cushion of the chair.

"Well?" Brutus growled with irritation.

"Don't worry about it. We lay low here for a while then go back through the black hole back to where we came from. No problem." He said coolly.

"Do you know a thing about black holes?" Brutus snapped angrily. It was well known, at least to Brutus, that any rift in space could lead anywhere. Not only that but once you pass through one there was a ninety-nine percent chance it would close up behind you and worse, the ships alarm lights were flashing red. Unless they found somewhere to land soon the Pretty Boy would likely fall apart and its crew sucked into the vacuum of space. Once Brutus had explained this to Amsterdam his cocky demeanor shifted.

"Well we had best find a planet to land on then." He sighed finally. Brutus cursed. Unbuckling himself he started from the cockpit down the deck muttering something about going to go and repair what damage he could, yet again. His rambling continued long after it faded out of Amsterdam's earshot.

He took a quick glance at the controls and laughed. The stupid little gnome had flicked the engine off in a panic. No wonder the transition through the rift was so rocky, with a sneer he flicked it back on took the steering lever back into his hand. 

The End

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