"Is that what I think it is?" Amsterdam said pointing out into the vastness of space, barely visible in the lightless abyss was a swirling mass of darkness. A black hole.

"It gets better." Yoko said. Other crew members were pointing nervously at the hulking behemoth that tailed them, from one of its many hangars came a smaller ship. Zipping nimbly through space towards the 'Pretty Boy'.

"A boarding party?"

As if in answer the small ship latched itself onto the side of the pirate vessel. Yoko bludgeoned the unconscious form of yuk in the hopes of waking him up. He was comatosed.

"What are we going to do about them?" Yoko cried with alarm, she heard the tell tale signs of the airlock being drilled into, any minute now the police would be in.

"Get Brutus on it." Amsterdam replied, Yoko obeyed quickly and called him through the intercom. Brutus was the ships engineer, gifted at fixing things with speed and skill. This was considered ironic by many due to the fact that his favorite hobby was destruction.

"You called?" Came a deceptively deep voice. Out from the elevator came an impish creature. He sported small, flat features and thin, splindly limbs that seemed to flop around with every step he took. Yoko nodded towards the hatch again and Brutus sighed. He was never called up for any social occasion, a drinking session, to share in a joke or even to ask his opinion. No, only when something needed smashing, or sometimes fixing. He felt like an outcast on the 'Pretty Boy', he couldn't understand it because he always thought of himself as a nice enough bloke.

He hammered a few buttons on the wall of the ships deck and another hatch opened, inside was the crouching form of a robot. He clambered in, fastening numerous safety belts and flicking an array of switches that calibrated the weapons, raised the shields and lowered the safety visor for when the robot was forced to go into space. He named the robot Harry, after his grandad.

When he was finally ready Brutus directed the machine from its hatch and down the deck towards the airlock, bidding Yoko be sure to lock it down behind him lest they all be sucked into space. Harry stomped inside and watched as the molten torch of the police slowly cut through the door. Slowly, slowly.

Brutus, not being the most patient of people at the best of times quickly lost interest in the situation. He flicked a switch to power up his frontal shields and fired one of his vast array of rockets at the door. The resulting explosion cast a great hole in the side of the 'Pretty Boy', but also did the job of removing the intruders.

"Subtle." Yoko sneered sarcastically as Brutus returned.

"They're gone aren't they?" Brutus replied flippantly.

"Yes with the cost of a hole the size of a planet in the side of our own ship!" She returned angrily.

"Relax, I locked it down. It'll be fine until we next dock somewhere so I can fix it."

"The captain will have that out of your pay." Amsterdam added, he seemed nonchalant despite their predicament. That changed pretty quickly.

"They can't take a joke apparently." Alluding to the behemoth still in tow, clearly they did not take the loss of their craft lightly and sent out a hailstorm of ships to apprehend the Pirates. They zipped towards them like a swarm of angry locusts.

"You got enough rockets for all of them?" Yoko snorted.

"Probably not." Brutus replied, not detecting the sarcasm.

"We haven't got much choice then." Amsterdam said in a grim tone, he directed the ship straight toward the black hole. Hammering a lever forward to put the vessel's thrusters at full power. "I hope she holds" He said to himself, tapping the control panel affectionatly as the I.M.T Pretty Boy hurtled towards the rift in space.

The End

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