A reckless group of young space-pirates make the careless decision to brave travel through a black hole over being arrested by the Intergalactic Police Force in their search for a mysterious treasure, spoken about in legends.

As they try to find the infamous jackpot and navigate their way through foreign space-territory, they encounter a number of aliens, enemies, and strange creatures as they travel the galaxy in the IMT Pretty Boy.

Although they couldn't hear the sirens all the way out here in the vast emptiness of space, the crew of the Intergalactic Mode of Transport Pretty Boy could not miss the large ship that was following them. In comparison to their own ship, it felt as though it was the size of a planet; the police IMTs had to look like this so that offending vessels would know that they were being followed by the Intergalactic Police Force.

Yoko gripped the railing in the hull tightly as Amsterdam pushed the ship to its limits again and again. It was impossible, however, to lose such a large ship in an empty space such as this. No matter where you went, the IPF would find you.

"How's everybody doing back there?" Amsterdam chirped from the spacious cockpit. Pretty Boy was big, but nothing compared to the giant that was tailing them.

"I don't know how he manages to sleep through these kind of encounters," Yoko replied. She looked over to another crew member of Pretty Boy, who was lying in his hammock, snoring loudly. His name was Yuk-Burn, but to the crew, simply Yuk or Burn. As a minority-species member of the crew, his name and its origins were open to some light-hearted ridicule. Both names had either peculiar or impressive meanings in the humans' native language, and Yuk-Burn rarely escaped their jokes.

"He's not asleep, sweetheart. He's unconscious, ain't he?"

Maybe it was something to do with the vast amount of alcohol that Yuk had consumed that led to the barfight in that city on that planet that nobody could remember the name of. Or maybe it was just because the regulars took one look at the crew and realised they weren't from around these parts. Or maybe they didn't take kindly to Amsterdam's boasting about their pirate status. It could have been any number of things that set everybody off. It was hard to say. But Yuk had had a lot to drink. His species, the Timlers, were renowned for their ability to stomach harmful substances in large quantities. Harmful to humans, anyway.

"What about the others?" Amsterdam asked calmly as he pushed the throttle further forward.

Yoko approached him and sarcastically replied, "Do you want to go and ask them?"

Amsterdam mockingly removed his hands from the controls, much to Yoko's frustration and fear, before resuming control and concentrating on the open space once again. Yoko returned to her seat.

A sudden gasp from Amsterdam got her back on her feet. He never gasped. Everything was a joke, nothing was serious.

As Yoko saw what was ahead, she couldn't accept it. She knew exactly what it was, but had to ask anyway. Amsterdam didn't answer, just told her to get the others on deck right now.

"Okay, but you can wake Yuk up," came the deadpan reply.

The End

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