Utopian RebelMature

In the future, to prevent a repeat of the crippling nuclear war that almost destroyed humanity, all of the remnants live in a single city with strict rules to prevent fighting. Woe betide those who break them...

Shit, shit, shit.

I've lived in Utopia all my life. I've been taught the Rules all my life. And the one you first learn is never get in the way of the Authorities.

I stopped them beating a kid. He was young. He didn't understand what he'd done wrong. He would have died at their hands. And now, I'm the one hunted.

There're cameras everywhere. I can't stay here. They'll find me within a matter of minutes. I have to leave. But Death stalks the wasteland, and boy, is he impatient.

Let me see...chances of survival out there: 0.000001%

Chances of survival here:0%

I need to leave. I need to do it now.

Run through the darkness. Flashes as I pass the streetlights. Behind me, I hear the distinctive wails of the standard police patrol vehicles. They didn't scare me.

What did was the distinctive lack of noise from anywhere else.

I know how the Authorities work. I used to be one.

And now they're hunting me.

I turn the corner. the gate, open, looms ahead of me. In my way stand three dark-robed, masked figures. The featureless faces mocking me. I slowed.

"My sole intention is to leave. I don't want to fight you."

"1352, you have broken the Rules. To be specific, Rule number 1."

"You won't stop me. Stand aside, or prepare yoursleves."

"1352, you may be exceptional, but you will not be permitted to leave. Why do you seek to leave? There is nothing there. Nothing."

I charged them.

3 minutes later, they were all dead and I was out of the city gates. They wouldn't follow me here. No-one left the city. After all, there was nothing here.

They didn't know I'd been secretly exploring outside the city for the past year.

The End

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