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As I sleep, I find myself back in that same old nightmare, that dream that's haunted me since childhood. Following me like a ghost, jumping out when I least expect it to.


I stand on the cold tile floor, shivering a little with nothing to cover my thin four year old body. My head barely reaches the rim of the ceramic sink but I stare at the silver taps on it and at the liquid soap pump beside it, mildew creeping up both. I shiver and feel my long strawberry blond curls brush across my bare back. You look down at me but I don't look back, instead I look to the mirror above the sink and then to the tub again, dirt ring hidden by the plastic curtains shadow. All of this registers in my mind as I look back to the sink, I feel my fear grow with each pound of my heart. You reach down to me and begin to poke and prod, you grab me as I stand there silent and still. In your hand is a plastic cover that would normally be in the outlet in the wall to keep me from electrocuting myself, now it is used to hurt me instead. So ironic that this little object that would normally be intended to keep me safe from harm will now be the thing that will hurt me most. You're hurting me with it now, and still poke and prod at me. I start to cry and scream, hitting you to try and fight you off. But I am just a child. Sombody comes in and I hear you explain yourself, make it all reasonable, you havn't hurt me at all, you were simply trying something to help me. I stand there in pain with tears streaming down my pale cheeks.


Then I wake up, bolting upright in a bed that isn't mine. I feel the wampth of the girl sleeping beside me and I blush, remembering why she is asleep beside me. Her breathing gradually calms me and I lie back down again, curling up next to her and slipping into an uneasy sleep.

The End

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