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The bus was dark on the way back from the parade that our schools drum core had just played in. We travel all over the province so theses trips are routine but that doesn't make the epic bus rides any less awkward, thanks to a few perverted guys who make it that way. I guess this is why we're known to be 'dirty minded freaks' by most of the school, because of those few who make everything seem inappropriate. To a certain extent I can see what they mean because of the types on conversation that go on during these trips, and what goes on during them. 

About an hour before the end of our trip somebody suggested a game, truth or dare. It should have seemed an innocent enough suggestion, had it not been for the fact that my friend zack was in his boxers and also that as you may remember, many of the guys are very dirty minded. The first dare was to a guy known as Jingles, he was dared to remove one item of clothing sexually, everyone laughed at this because he did it so comically but the dare itself made me a little anxious of what was to come. 

The next few truths and dares I can't recall because of the weight of what happened after but I have a feeling that I don't want to know. One dare that I remember though was the lead snare player being dared to kiss another member of his section, a guy named Paco. After being asked to do this however, Paco was asked if his sexuality was agreeable with kissing another guy. He said it wasn't so he never had to.  There were a few more truths and a few more dares, most of them questionable, then it was my friend Liz's turn. She was asked to in complete honesty, state who on the bus she would have sex with and told to pick one guy and one girl. I since I was sitting next to her I listened to this one and I really wish I hadn't. 'well' she said 'um... well for the guy I would choose David'. At this she looked over to where he, her crush, sat before answering for the second part of the question. 'Well...' she began again, as I looked out the frosted window, sitting backwards in my seat. 'I'd have to say dear sweet anna over here' I turned away from the window at this to see her looking at me (along w a good chunk of the people playing) and biting her lip as if she was afraid I'd get mad at her or something. I laughed a little bit and the tension eased, all but one of the people that had been watching turning to look for the next victim. I whispered to her 'don't worry about it, I know you just meant it for the game' and she smiled a little cheekily and said something about my girlfriend, Ella (as if I wasn't thinking of her already). I sort of lapsed into thinking about my time with Ella as of late, my head drifting into the clouds until I heard somebody call my name. 'Hey Anna!' called one of the cymbal players, 'your turn!'. I bit my lip but said alright. 

He thought for a second before smirking and saying "I dare you to kiss Zack". I instantly refused, but his taunts and pressure became worse and worse, and some other people joined in too. I couldn't take it anymore, how come nobody let me be? I would have rather done anything but kiss him, I wouldn't dream of willingly doing it  As his taunting went on, I thought about faking it just to shut him up and like an idiot, decided to do that. Zack leaned over the edge of the seat and I pretended to lean in and kiss him, executing the perfect 'stage kiss' (it was almost completely dark too so it was even more convincing), I kept my thumb between his lips and mine and pulled back as soon as I could. I should have known that this wouldn't be enough for him though and sure enough when he pulled back he said 'nu uh you're not getting away with that' and before I could react he kissed me. Except I hid my lips by biting them so all he kissed was the skin around them. His lips felt bristly and even though it only lasted a split second I hated the feeling of that. The second he pulled back I burst into tears feeling an overwhelming guilt at what had just happened. All I could think of was that Ella was going to hate me and I hated myself for ever letting something like that happen. Liz who was still sitting beside me hugged me and kept telling me that it was alright (I think more to try and calm the hysterics). I wish somebody had asked me the same question that they asked Paco, if my sexuality agreed with kissing a guy but I guess nobody thought of that one. 

A few minutes later Liz was dared to make out with Zac. I should have know it would be a bad idea to look up, but being the idiot I am, I did. Now I wish that game had never happened. In perspective, it wasn't really that bad that happened, but it still bothers me. 

The End

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