Usain Bolt vs. Denard Robinson

     You know who the fastest man in the world right ? For those who dont kno his name is Usain Bolt . Well football player Denard Robinson Quarterback for the  Michigan Wolverines football team wants to challenge Usian Bolt in a 40-yard dash . Denard asks Usain Bolt to race him " I've watched you run , and I'm pretty sure I can beat you in a 40-yard dash " Robinson said at Michigan's media day on Sunday. " I'd get a better start , and I could take him " . " At 600 yards , I'd be in trouble , and at 100 meters , he'd be gone, but I could get him at 40. " 

     Denard Robinson Height: 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m) Weight: 197 lb (89 kg) , Usain Bolt   Height 1.95 m (6 ft 5 in) Weight 94 kg (210 lb) .   Jamaica , Kingston Bolt startd early he tookpart in the junior world championships when he was 15 winning the 200 meter race . A year later , during the panamercian championships , he broke the junior world record for 200m with 20"13. The " Bolt" was born  . Denard Robinson also broke the Big Ten Conference season record with 4,272 yards of total offense (2,570 yards passing and 1,702 yards rushing) and led the conference in rushing. In his second start at quarterback against Notre Dame, he set the Michigan single-game record with 502 yards of total offense. He was awarded the 2010 Chicago Tribune Silver Football as the Most Valuable Player in the Big Ten Conference and was selected by the Football Writers Association of America as a first-team All-American.

    Before the race Instead of Bolt leading an extravagant party life, he likes to hang out with friends at his house in Kingston, Jamaica, and play dominos late into the night. He is also a fan of video games and sometimes plays the Fifa soccer game with fellow Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake before competitions. Bolt was mischievous and restless as a child, and his father sometimes beat him. Bolt's exasperated parents took him to a doctor, who diagnosed him with hyperactivity . In an interview with l'Equipe Mag, Bolt tells how he witnessed the accident that killed his grand-father when he was nine years old. "My grand-father died in front of my eyes. We had an outside kitchen and the ground was humid. He slipped. His skull hit the door," he said. "It was strange, I didn't feel any panic or anything like it. I don't think I realized what happened. I only understood the event a few days later, during the funeral." Robinson has already been prepared for the race .

  TODAY IS THE RACE Robinson is ready , Bolt is ready . In Kingston, Jamaica at Walmart they are ready at the entrance . Bolt has is starting postion , Robinson has his starting postion . The manager has a red flag to start it off . He holds it up for about 5 seconds , then brings it down . Bolt and Robinson both start off at full speed they going , and going , and going , running , running , and running . Towards the end Bolt has a better chance because Bolt is taller and his legs are longer , right before the finish line Bolt crosses the blue ribbon and wins the race . Robinson handled it pretty good . He told Bolt " this was for fun at the end of the day we are both good players " . 


The End

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