Amy - 14th of February 2010

Ah, Valentine's Day. There's a lot of people on radio complaining to the host about how sad they are of being single, and also sad people texting in saying that they're going to dump their date today. I mean, how much harsher can they get? I woke up at 8:30 today.


Yeah, I woke to eat dinner. It was Chinese New Year's Eve, so me and my 9 year old sister stayed up with my two of my cousin's 20 year old friends playing cards until around 9am / 10am this morning. Hahaha. First time I've ever done this, quite fun. I have a piano lesson tomorrow, I probably won't sleep. It feels like jet lag, but I haven't gone anywhere. 

I have a mighty cold, lots of coughing. *sniff*

Happy Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year! 

The End

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