14-02-10 Kitty

Happy Valentines day!

Yep, today is valentines day, not that that makes any difference for me! On friday we had a teacher training day so me, Emily, Eleanor, Amy, Natalie, Ann-marie, Meg and Hannah went to Meadowhall (shopping centre) for the day! It was so fun and I  got a hollister jumper, umm, the smell is so nice! But because there was so many of us we kept losing each other, hahaha, it was great though! It was quite funny because it was a training day and not a holiday for most schools so we were the only teenagers there and there was just loads of OAPs but we did see about 13 other people from year 8 (we tried to count)! Lol!

Anyway, yesterday I hardly left the house! The only time I went outside was to get in the car to get some baking ingredients! I made chocolate brownies and Mary made coconut mice (coconut ice made into the shape of a mouse with sweets as ears, eyes and tails). Umm... they were tasty! We ate them after dinner watching 'So you think you can dance' final! Charlie won! (I'd wanted her to win since the first show!) I haven't really done anything today. I've just had my breakfast, a heart shaped egg sandwich with ketchup and pepper, yummy yummy, and at 2.30pm I'm going to my aunties for a sunday dinner (i think...)! So, it's the holidays now! Yeah! Seven days of no-school, amazing!

Byee, Kitty x 

The End

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