11-02-2010 Kitty


Sorry i haven't written much for ages and ages! I've been so busy!

Well, I should probably start with last weekend (5-7th feb), after doing a day at school (where I won cross-country, again!) I went to cliff college for the EFK house-party! Me, Eleanor, Natalie, meg, Tash and Ellie (Buxton) were sharing a room; we managed to mess it up in, lets see, ten minutes? Maybe even five! Well, you can't blame us were teenage girls for gods sake! Hahaha! So, the weekend was A M A Z I N G, amazing! I painted a really cool plate did some splatter painting with meg and played loads of cool games!

One the games was the wide game which everyone played on saturday night; it involved getting in teams (one boys dorm and one girls dorm), putting an elastic band with piece of paper on around your wrist and chasing after just about anyone you could see (which wasn't many as it was pitch black)! It sounded really scary when they explained that when you were caught you could either hand over your paper (and go an get a new one) or be wrestled to the ground but it was actually really fun and you got really muddy! 

Anyway, the rest of the week... Nothing very interesting really happened until today. Oh yea, apart from on tuesday we did the second part of our 21 mile (English channel length) sponsored swim and at the end everyone doing it got a picture taken with the ASA minister and Dave (our swim coach) says that it might go in the newspaper and on t.v! Wow!

So, today, we had our second jab (boohoo) for cervical cancer and our business did a proper sale outside the dining hall! The jab was like everyone said and worse than the first one, but only because the needle was in your arm longer, and at the moment my arm is killing like hell and I can hardly lift it to a right-angle! The sale was great! Altogether we made £72.67 (wow, wow, wow!) and we sold all the buns and biscuits (we made 109 biscuits + about 40 buns!) as well as a lot of the fimo things!

So, got to go now!

Byee, Kitty x 

The End

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