Amy - 5th of February 2010

Dear Cherries :

I can't believe it's February already! One month already gone! One thing to look foward to is half term, AND we get Friday off since it's teacher's training day. After half-term, I'll be moving from textiles into Food Tech. Can't wait, at all! I love Food. Mmmmm, yum. And it's also half way through the school year, wow!

It's been snowing a bit recently, unfortunately, all the snow immediately turns into slush the next day, or it just doesn't snow enough to shut school. *sigh*

 One thing not to look forward to is cervical cancer jabs next Thursday. The library will literally turn into a hospital. Three nurses come in, and the table will be coverd in buckets and really clean stuff. Well, I suppose it won't be that bad, still.

I hate Mrs Blanchflower so much. She's our spanish teacher who tortures people. She comes into a class with no lesson plan, and gets us to do bookwork we've already done before. She thinks she's so amazing at spanish, (okay, she is a teacher, so she'll be good at it), but actually she looks up loads of words in a dictionary. And she always picks on me. She tells us to do something, then she'll say

"Who's finished?" Then she'll look around at the class, then, "Amy? Have you finished?" WHY ME!? STOP BLIDDY PICKING ON ME! I just want to throw my pen at her. Everyone starts staring at me and it's so frustrating. Arghh! Anyway, it's 11:14, so good night!

The End

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