01-02-2010 Kitty


    Ooh this weekend was so good! So after friday (see my last entry!) it was saturday; well duh, so me and El went to Upstage, our dance and drama class! At Upstage, like always, we met up with Elly and Heva (Heather), this is kind-of random but its so cool because Elly and Eleanor have basically the same name, Eleanor Mary Hill and Eleanor (Elly) Mary Holmshaw!

   So we had drama first where we did a mini play thing, we were given a little script and in pairs we had to think of a setting, a reason and what we were talking about. I was with Elly and we did ours as if I was a servant who was spying on Elly's husband and Elly was a rich high-society women who thought her husband was cheating on her.She had sent me out to go and find out if he was! It worked really well and we did it without laughing! Then we did dance which was really funny, we were doing a panto cow dance practising for the pantomine that we'll be doing in 2011! I was with Elly again but this time we couldn't do it without laughing, well, it was so funny! Also we had to perform our mini cow dance in front of everyone and to music (I can't quite remember but I think it was to 'The fear' Lilly allen!)

    Anyway, today, I was sick... Urghh, its horrible! This morning I was actually sick and the rest of the day I've just felt horrible! I got a day off school but... Anyway, its just boring when you're you can't do anything! You just sit around doing nothing! And I missed doing the baking after-school, yesterday we (me, Eleanor, Nat, Amy and Meg was going to help too) were going to do some baking in the school food room but I was ill so I couldn't do it, it was probably so much fun!

Byee x

The End

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