Amy - First of February 2010

It's my mum's birthday today! She's not crazy jumping all over the house or anything, just sort of a normal day. Damn, I'm tired. I slept at 1 o'clock am last night, staying up doing homework. My mum decided to make me do a load of chores before sleeping. That included, vacuuming half the house, and washing two days worth of dishes, which included cups of water that she could've just poured away into a random sink, of course, she didn't. Maybe it was a tribute to the fact that she'd be one year older the next day. I would've done the homework earlier, but it was for the next day, and there was a lot of chores to do. She tells me to do so much chores someimes, then tells me off for going to sleep late, then she tells me off for not doing enough chores around the house, then I have to leave my homework till the last day because I have to do chores and catch up with homework on other days, then she tells me off for leaving my homework till the last day because she can't tell me to do chores when I do my homework. What exactly is the reasoning here? I don't understand. They should make a whole new law for kids under 18 or something. Eg, no making your kid do chores after 10 o'clock if it's a school night, then tell her off for not sleeping early 'cause she feels tired in the morning. Geez, parents these days.

Eleanor had another Jacob incident. I won't say anymore, she might not want me to. Hahaha, maybe she'll explain. We made some cookies after school today to sell for Valentine's day. Yes, they are heart shaped, we'll ice them two days before selling. Ah, homework. I should be doing that. Cherries~

The End

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