29-01-2010 Kitty

Hiya again!

So we've had most of the day... Then we had cross-country, ahhh, I was so scared before hand and Emma and Ann-marie had asked me to run with them and there both really good at running! So the course was up the fields around some of the roads at the back of the school, down the drive and back to the beginning, we had to do that twice. After completing the first lap I noticed that me and Ann-marie had left everyone else behind and the only people at all close to us were Ewan and Julian, who were ahead, and Tom Marshall, who was a few metres behind! I managed to come FIRST, well out of the girls, I was third altogether! I was so happy (actually I still am),  I’ve never come first in anything- I’ve done well in stuff but I’ve never won!

Well, after cross-country me, Emily, Ella, Eleanor and Ann-marie went to a new milkshake, cake bar near Emily’s house! It was really fun and before we went to the bar we went looking around a couple of the little gift shops which was good but at the bar it was amazing! After taking about ten hours to choose and finding out about just about I everything they had I decided on a waffle. It was so nice, it was really cheap because in the price I got two Belgium waffles (warm) two scoops of your own choice of ice-cream, strawberry’s, a topping of your choice and a sauce of your choice! Umm... so nice...

Well, I’ve got to go swimming now, so...

Byee x

The End

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