29-01-2010 Kitty


Another day another dollar! (Sorry I just felt like putting that!) Anyway it kind-of makes sense apart from the fact that I’m English so we use pounds (hahaha!) 

Well, this morning when I got up I wasn't very happy. You can't blame me, I had made biscuits for our business; were taking part in a competition which involves creating a business and basically making as much money as you can, but the biscuits had burnt so I had to make another batch which I didn't have time to ice! As well we have R.E, I.C.T, Maths, Art (yeah I love art but 'ahhh' the teacher and the class, OMG I hate my art class so much!) and then P.E, where we are doing cross-country! What a day!

                So let’s skip the morning, which wasn't too bad , (to my surprise) I had sold all my biscuits and although I had got very hot-it was wear a hat for Haiti, to raise money everyone wore a hat all day and donated 50p- it was fun swapping around all the different mad hats! So, we had art, it was well, boring to be honest, we basically spent the lesson watching an Americanized (so cheesy!) film on surrealism and getting annoyed by Jack Veall, the class idiot (who obviously thinks he's so cool because he [just about- he's so dumb] knows what the word sex means

Be right back, I've got to have dinner now!

Byee x

The End

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