28-01-2010 Kitty


Hmm... Today was scary! I had to do three different 'performances' ; thats a lot for me because even though I love drama and i'm really confident around my friends I hardly ever even put my hand up in class! Firstly after getting too school (I actually managed to get out of bed before 7.35!) and doing textiles and spanish we had science...

In Science, Maths and I.C.T were doing a cross-curricular project about the solar-system. So rushing to finish the poster for the presentation we had to go to the front and explain all about it, we had it worked out and we were going to all read the same amount but in the end there wasn't enough time so only I read! Boohoo... (so embarrassing!)

Then we had lunch, that was normal, Emily and Emma got very giddy and we had a lot of fun but period 4 after lunch we have PSHE (and then English!). Never good.

Skip the start of PSHE till group work; I was with Eleanor, Nat and Lucy, we had to  think of a situation where the small problem escalates into a massive argument and role play it in front of the class! Ours was basically about putting plates in the dish-washer, Nat was mum, Lucy was a grumpy teenager who leaves her plate on the table and just leaves, I was the middle child who has the argument and Eleanor was the goody-goody little kid. It was really funny when we performed it because as I was calling Eleanor a goody-goody everyone was like "ohhhhh!!!" For ages and then everyone started laughing! It was so funny... Hahaha!

Then we had english where I had to perform my speech! Boohoo! I went bright red and although the part at the end where everyone had to ask questions was o.k the actual speech was horrible! I'm so glad mine wasn't too long!

Byee, x

The End

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