Amy - 27th of January 2010

Dear Cherries,

I am absolutely exhuasted. Period one this morning was cross country. Running around the school on the outside. TWICE! In 25 mins. 0.85 miles! At least I finished. My legs ache so much. And i don't like running, at all. Plus, it is the first subject of the day which just makes it tiring for anything else for the rest of the day. Some people cheated, went round the back of the school to make it seem like they did a whole lap, which they didn't of course, so they had to redo it at lunchtime. I finished in 20 minutes and 8 seconds, we're supposed to beat our records. *sigh* so tiring. *yawn*

I went to netball club at lunchtime, playing GA. I actually scored two goals! I never score a goal. I am very proud of myself. Moi hahahaha. Mmmm I want to sleep and eat a muffin or something. Good night

The End

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