Amy - 25th of January 2010

Dear cherries :

So there we were, discussing about how to stalk Tanya. We had just finished Japanese early and Kitty suggested the idea. Me, and Eleanor agreed and we start our stalking, which included hiding behind walls and bins. It worked though. A person on the other side of the road was laughing at us while we watched Tanya stand in front of her door for ages, doing something with her mountain backpack. Finally, she went inside, we decided to go, since there was nothing else to do. Then we decided we would go and see her. Great idea,huh? Eleanor took one of Kitty's gloves and hid it in her bag or something. Me and Kitty walked up to Tanya's and rang the doorbell. She answered.

"Hi Tanya, have you got my glove?" Kitty asked, in the background I cover my face up with my hat to stop laughin.

"Uh, no I don't think so. You don't have it?" Tanya replied, rummaging through all her pockets and bag.

"No I don't," Kitty said with a straight face. Impressive. "Wait, Eleanor might have it." She fake called Eleanor.

"Hi Eleanor........have you got my glove? have my glove....oh that's good....where are you? followed us?.....where are you now?..... at the bottom of Tanya's road?.....why don't you come up then? okay bye" Kitty steps onto the road, gesturing furiously for Eleanor to come up the road. She does, and we called her a stalker.

The End

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