25-01-10... Emily

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Mondays, just whats ON mondays... I guess you could argue that Maths, science, music and french were ok, But... Technology, Not technology.Taught by THE WORST teacher in THE world (wait maybe, THE UNIVERSE!!) It does NOT help! So... I'll start from the beginning:

I Finally got out of my nice, cosy bed after Galazy radio played Cheryl cole (I HATE cheryl cole, no offense) and jumped in the shower.

7:45 came out the shower, got dressed

8:00 had porridge for breakfast, mmm... :)

ok... I'll stop there, this could take a while.

so, When i finally got out of the house I, Thankfully, got a lift by my dad to school... The school bell, OH NO!!!! RUN...

Late great, 1 more and i'll get a detension! AGAIN!!!!

~~~~SKIP MY DAY~~~~

When i got home after Japanese I took my completely crazy dogs out, ate tea and went to SLEEP... YAY!!!

(sorry this chapter will be abit boring... I didn't go anywhere,  but... tomorow is another day and can always be better then yesterday:) )

The End

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