25-01-2010 Kitty (the rest!)

Hiya again, Kitty here! I'm back! Phew, that swim session was hard!!

So, the rest of the story... (Please don't put this against me, we were giddy, alright?!) I thought, why don't we follow Tanya? So, me, Amy and Eleanor followed her, hiding behind bins and bushes and trying as hard as we could not to giggle our heads off and when we eventually got to just before her house we stopped and waited for about five minutes as she (very) slowly got her keys out. When she had gone in we carried on waiting for a few more minutes and then carried on walking. But then we thought why don't we go and talk to her?  

So, Me and Amy walked back up to Tanya's house pretending that I'd lost my glove and thought Tanya had it (in fact Eleanor had it), while Eleanor stayed slightly further down the road, out of sight. Knocking on the door me and Amy discussed our plans,we decided that we had been messing about and ran away from Eleanor and then I'd realized I'd lost my  glove and we thought that she might have it, so giving Tanya our story she searched through her bags and coats and seem genuinly concerned i then 'phoned' Eleanor and we 'just realized' that she had followed us and was at the bottom of Tanya's road! It was really funny because Tanya kept calling Eleanor a stalker! Ha, ha, ha! So funny!

The End

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