25-01-2010 Kitty

Kitty   25-01-2010 (My first entry!)

Hiya, I'm Kitty (please don't call me Kathleen - my full name )

I'm thirteen years old and I live in Sheffield, England, half the time with my Mum and half with my Dad; I also have one sister, Mary, who is two years two months younger than me and looks at lot like me (according to most of my friends)! I love swimming and netball and I swim four or five times a week at cosss ( City Of Sheffield Swim Squad!) I have just over shoulder-length dark brown hair that is curly and impossible to keep looking brushed, I have hazel eyes; although my friends keep telling me that my eyes have changed color and that there actually green, (lol)  and i'm about average height for my age! 

Anyway normal diary writing... Today was so funny! Well, lets skip through a normal boring school day to the end of Japanese; me and my friends (or should I say, My friends and I?) go to Japanese Monday lunchtime and after school, anyway, Japanese had finished early so we had got back about half-an-hour earlier than usual and Tanya (our demented and crazy but bestest buddy) was just turning down the road to her house when I had an idea... (Sorry got to go swimming! I'll fill the rest in when I get back!) Bye (for now)!

The End

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