"I Want Out!"

From within the silver pocketwatch that imprisoned him, the being sighed. He had been trapped in his strange coffin for ages. Silence reigned in the small room that was the being's tomb, unchallenged by a disturbance for decades. He had lost track of how many years he had been waiting for something to happen. He couldn’t remember when the last time he had been out of the container he was bound to, or if he even had at all.

The being sighed again. For the longest time he had one and only one desire…Freedom. The being longed for the day that someone would come and rescue him from his prison. He longed for the moment when he finally escaped the confines of his cage. He longed for the time that he would emerge and taste the sweetness of the air outside his container.

But longing was all he could do. For all of the immense power within him, the being was powerless to do anything about his situation. Only someone from the outside could help him, and that was only if they even noticed his container and picked it up and only then if they somehow undid the seal of the cage.

It was the monotonous melancholy of this solitude that was really getting to him. He might as well be dead or asleep He wanted to do something, be active, and experience what it means to live. If he could just get out of his prison for even a little bit…

The being sighed for a third time. He felt like screaming in frustration. Knowing that no one would hear him from within his container, he decided to do it anyway, hoping it would alleviate the tormenting boredom a bit. The being shouted to whoever was controlling his fate, with the faint hope that it might make a difference.

“I’m tired of twiddling my thumbs! Can somebody come find me already? I just want outta here!!!”

The End

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