God warned us using mental telepathy. We ignored the chosen few telling us the apocolypse was coming, being as we are.

It was our Only, Last Warning.


The first Nimpa Sighting. We didnt know what to think. . .But before long, they were every where.

Darkness was every where.


The Chosen are rescued and we are stranded here, fending for our selves. Against Darkness. . .Destruction. . .

Evil. . .

Before we knew it, war raged across earth. . .Those killed became one with Them.

Billions Perished.


Present day

Johny scrambled across the wastland. he was carful nut to trip or they would catch up. . .before the next checkpoint was in view he would have to drive them off and kill them. . .But first he needed his weapon back. . .God knows what happened to it. . .

As he climbed up to the peak of a junk pile, he stopped. A man was standing in the middle of a garbage heap.

''HEY!'' Johny shouted while he ran to the man. He turned the man around. . .But as he did he realised somthing. This 'man' was severed in two. He was turning around by his back bone connected. . .Then he saw the sign. . .

The mans feet slowly mutated into Their feet. . .He was going to become a Nimpa!

He Pushed the man over, his top half at least. . .

this should of killed the darkness in the man, but it grew at a normal pace. . .

Suddenly, in front of Johny's eyes, a flash, a twisted squeal, a voice. Another man was helping Johny up from his feet. . .

''Hey. . .'' Said This Stranger

''Im Johny. You really saved my arse back there. . .''

''No Problem Man!'' Replied the man, happily.

''Im derek. You need a gun, don't ya? Here. . .'' Said the Man once again

Derek Handed Johny a 4K-87 Storm, with ammo. These guns were used by russia in the second cold war.


The End

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