Maru walked back from Edrard's house, absorbing the lush forest. Suddenly:

"Maru! Maru! MARU! For goodness sake Maru!" it was her older sister,  Meeru. She didn't approve of an 'ignorant child' speaking with such a revered elder. She rushed back to the clearing where the leaf village was situated.

"Maru?" it was quieter now. Meeru was getting worried.

"Here!" She said leaping from the shadows. Her sister jumped.

" Do you know how long you took gettingback froms the elder's? It's time to take him his next meal! GO! Hurry back!" She yelled shoving a package of food into Maru's hands and shoving her back into the bushes.

Maru panted and wiped her brow. Edrard's tent was in sight. Once she entered she found him pacing, the wall that faced the barrier cut away to reveal the clear barrier pulsing with blue and red tendrils.

" My child! I need you to... Run some... Errands for me!?" He said hurreidly.

" Ummm.. Yes sure I'll just tell Meer-" She began saying

"NO! Meeru must NOT know! The place I am sending you is... Dangerous." He interrupted. 

" Don't worry! I live on danger! Meeru and the rest won't know. Where am I going? To the tallest tree? The memory tree? Outside? Of course n-" Maru glared. He had interrupted her twice now.

" No! That is where you are going!" He beamed phsycotically at her. She put  down the package and made for the open door flap. There was a flash of green light and the she was captured. By her own friend!


The End

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