imagine a world where sprites, demons and dragons exist. Where there is a fine line between good and evil. So fine a line that your best friend can become your worst enemy in the blink of a eye... Imagine Uralea

Maru dithered on her way to give elder Edrard his daily meal. This was her favorite place to be. Safe from the beasts that prowled the surface of Uralea but still surrounded by nature at its best.  The heavy package sung from the cords in her hands. She glimpsed  Edrard's tent, right on the edge of the safe, lush paradise the Ulu forest  guardian, Evergreen or Eve for short, had made. The barrier was clear here. Flickers of blue and green danced across its normally clear surface. The leaf village was right at the centre of the wide, wide circle of lush forest. It was many strides away but Maru could make the journey in less than the time it took to build a leaf house.

She entered the little tent quietly, expecting the elder to be asleep. 

"My child" he murmured making her jump. "My child i believe you are late."Maru blushed.

" W-well yes sir i suppose i am... G-greatest apologies elder Edrard," She looked up timidly, cowering in fear as she had been taught to when facing an elder's rath, and was surprised to see he was smiling.

" Do not apologize my child. I am glad you are late for i finally get to meet you. you come in and out of my home as quick as a rybird on most days. Tell me your name child." He beamed reasuringly.

"Maru Keruska sir." She said proudly, her confidence flooding back in an instant.

"Good, Maru i hope we can be friends. Stay for some tea won't you?"

That was the beginning of of Maru and elder Edrard's friendship.


The End

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