Uptown Girl ● ● ● Claire & MohinderMature

"Dark energy?" she asked, tilting her head at him slightly. Logically, she assumed dark energy was related to dark things--evil deeds, thoughts, persons, etc. --and the thought gave her pause. How much of her could he sense, especially now that she'd touched him? He had said that touch was integral to his abilities. If she hadn't already taken her hand away from his head, she would've done so then. Claire opened her mouth, on the verge of asking if the stone afforded her any protection from such sensing, but that would only serve to make her sound more suspicious. She kept the question to herself and let him continue, only half paying attention as part of her mind was busy wondering if  he could sense her own dual nature.

Claire was startled out of her musings by his warm hand on top of hers, and as she met his eyes, she felt a curious thrill course through her. He was offering her companionship. Not lust--though that had been offered as well--and not just simple protection. Though she had no way of knowing if Mohinder's offer came with any ulterior motives, her gut told her that he was sincere. She didn't know what to do with that. Blinking, she nodded her thanks, knowing that was inadequate though she had no idea what proper etiquette called for.

She was saved further embarrassment, however, when the car came to a stop outside the restaurant. La Maison was written in large, white letters across the double doors, which opened for them as soon as the driver let them out of the car. As she nodded to the doorman, Claire exhaled and shook off the confusion of the car ride and felt herself slide back into a more comfortable role. The host saw them to a private booth at the back of the restaurant where they were greeted with a host of wines and appetizers, and eventually left to pour over the menus.

Claire had shed her coat, revealing the light pink dress that had been covered since she'd chosen Mohinder that morning. Halfway through the list of entres, she looked up to him. "Do you even eat normal food? I apologize if that is not the case...it hadn't occurred to me." She smiled sheepishly, though he didn't seem the sort to be upset at her for such an oversight.

The End

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