Uptown Girl ● ● ● Claire & MohinderMature

     An aura? That was a good way to put it, and Mohinder nodded at her question. Being so used to sensing the energy by now, he found he could mostly ignore it like one would get accustomed to a dog barking nonstop. Eventually, it faded into the background unless he was focusing on it, like he was at this moment.

     It wasn't just the warmth from her skin that he felt on his dark, smooth horns, but a dark energy that was unmistakable. All this time he'd managed not to pry, as he was her employee and she had saved him, which he was grateful for beyond words. Since he was still a new demon by his species' standards, he could not fully read energy yet to get a more precise account of what she was guilty of. All he knew was that hers was darker than most, but not as dark as those who he was sent to assassinate.

     It was now a battle between his brain trying to figure her out and the shivers running down his spine courtesy of her touches. Eyes lidded a moment until her question snapped him out of it. His eyes caught hers. "Yes, especially dark energy." Her scent, their closeness, the sensation she was causing him, and the way she intrigued him, he wanted to lean over and attack her lips with his own. Somehow he resisted though, and once distance was between them, he gave a breath of relief as temptation released its grip on him.

     "I've learned to live with it, I suppose. I have no other choice now. As far as I know, there is no going back." When she looked out the window, he took that opportunity to glance down and ensure she had not ruffled his feathers too much. They had to get out of the car soon. "Right now though, my purpose is to protect you. I assure you I'm fully committed to that. If you need... or want anything, I am at your service." After a moment of thought -- now that he could think clearly -- he placed his hand on hers and continued, "Even if it is just to confide in me, I am here to listen."

The End

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