Uptown Girl ● ● ● Claire & MohinderMature

Claire nodded occasionally as he spoke, eyes trained on his face as Mohinder explained his transformation. Though she couldn't relate to the specifics, she understood what it felt like to enter an altered state, to be more and less aware of oneself at the same time. To hear similar words come out of his mouth was exhilarating, though it came with a twinge of fear; Claire knew the monster she became, but this one...he was unfamiliar. Putting that aside for the moment, she tilted her head at Mohinder. "Like an aura?" she asked, waving one hand around his face as though she could, in fact, see his energy. "Fascinating..."

She went silent as she tried to wrap her mind further around the concept of seeing energy, and it took her a moment to register that he'd spoken again as he took her hand. "Your tongue--" she began, but her sentence was cut off by the sensation of his horn beneath her hand. "Oh..." Blinking, Claire ran one finger up the length of the bony protrusion, doing the same to the one on the other side of his head a moment later. She stretched her neck as her other hand went to his head, parting his curls a bit to get a better view of the horns. "Can you sense energy when you're not transformed?" she asked absently, peering down at his eyes for a moment.

Belatedly realizing the suggestive nature of what she was doing, Claire stopped for a moment, gave each horn a lingering touch, and brought her hands back to her lap. She could save that for later. "I imagine that would be a rather...disorienting...way to live, seeing energy all the time." Briefly glancing out the window, she noted that they were only  a few blocks away from the restaurant; her stomach rumbled quietly in anticipation.

The End

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