Uptown Girl ● ● ● Claire & MohinderMature

     "As you wish." Arm protectively around her, Mohinder continued to watch behind them a few more moments before allowing himself to fully relax beside her. Then he focused on her face, her reactions, her tone. She wasn't disgusted by him...? She didn't even appear to be judging him. In that moment, for the first time in months, he felt human again. Mentally, he thanked her, but he knew he couldn't put such things into words, at least not now. He had to be strong for her, physically and emotionally.

     Not only that, but she appeared genuinely curious about him. In a way, he felt honored at her question, and softly nodded as he attempted to put the answer into words. "Do you know how it feels when your adrenaline kicks in? It is like that to begin with. All my senses are even more refined than normal. I can also see energy." That sounded strange even to him. "It's tough to put into words, but the energy is a translucent layer on top of reality. Like at the moment, I can only sense it. But once it is showtime, I can see everything." At the description, Mohinder recalled the first time he transformed and his tone was one of amazement. It would have been the perfect situation... except for the murdering part.

     "As for physically, when I fully transform... I have a tail, leathery wings, fangs, my fingernails grow and blacken into claws, my eyes may blacken, my tongue will transform, and well, I keep these out all the time..." Lifting her hand, he placed it on one of his small horns. "They are small enough to keep hidden in my hair and they help greatly with energy sensing." With that, he bit his lip, hoping he wouldn't have to reveal how sensitive they were.

The End

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