Uptown Girl ● ● ● Claire & MohinderMature

"Mistress," Claire parroted, her own grin indulgent and altogether pleased. "I could get used to the sound of that, particularly off your tongue." She tilted her head at him, taking note of the pleasure he seemed to derive from her toying with his hair. Moreso, almost, than the enjoyment he took from their other touches. Fleetingly, she wondered if there was a physical reason behind it, or simply a personal preference. Before she could ask, he had shifted and laid his arm around her, staring out the window.

She felt, more than saw, the subtle shift in his demeanor, from the somewhat submissive man she'd bought to something else entirely. Something darker, denser, threatening. It didn't occur to her in the moment that it was his demon half, only that he was not who she thought he was. Is this what it's like when I change? The thought came unbidden, but she fixated on it, intensely aware that they shared a sort of dual nature. Not that he knew anything of it. Lost inside her head, she didn't realize he'd shifted back until he spoke again.

"No, no, there should be no need to take care of them," she said absently, though he'd apparently come to that realization on his own. "Nor any need to apologize," she added, turning to look over his face. Had those been fangs? "I did buy you to protect me, after all. No, we shall wait a bit longer, see if anything comes of it. You'll find my driver is quite good at his job as well." Indeed, the man had noted their tail at almost the same time Mohinder did and had already readied the gun at his hip.

"What...what is it like when you fully change?" she asked in a rare moment of sincerity, her curiosity piqued by the small sample of what she'd seen. Did he lose control of himself? Were there more physical changes? Perhaps if she understood his strangeness more thoroughly, her own would not seem as unusual. 

The End

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