Uptown Girl ● ● ● Claire & MohinderMature

Immortality. It was a tantalizing idea, when she really thought about it. Watching the ages pass, never fearing the prospect of death. Immune from the ravages of time, with eons to spend in any fashion you chose. It was enough to make one dizzy, though it was not without its downfalls. You would have to watch those you love die, every last one of them. You could be put through fatal pain but not the release death offered. Claire experienced a momentary sadness for Mohinder, dwelling upon the things he must've experienced at some point in what she assumed had been a long life. Her attention was caught, however, by 'former geneticist.' That was something even she didn't hear that frequently and it was a topic well worth exploring. 

Apparently Mohinder had much the same thought about Claire's body, and began doing just that before she could even bring up the subject of his previous life, or question if it was, indeed, a previous life at all. Taken by surprise, she quietly inhaled a shaky breath, though she soon warmed to the unusual and unexpected attention. Letting out a little "Mmmm..." of appreciation, she trailed a finger along his jaw, which she used to draw him upward to his seat once more, though not quite in reprimand. She fought back a delicate shudder, a sort of aftershock, from his touch.

"It's a good thing you're so famished," she said, briefly wondering if he had an actualappetite for the 'energy' he gained from touch. "Though, really, shouldn't dessert come after dinner?" Her grin matched his as she played through a thousand possible endings for that night. A very tiny part of her protested that she had literally just met him, that she'd actually bought him, but it was quickly silenced. The scenarios in her head were no worse than any one night stand at a bar, and she'd done that plenty of times. So much so that she paused for a moment in surprise that that tiny part still existed.

In keeping with her perpetually teasing nature, she reached over to run a hand through his curls, relishing the feeling once more. "Not that the appetizer was unwelcome..."

The End

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