Uptown Girl ● ● ● Claire & MohinderMature

Her reaction to his words told Mohinder many things to help put this situation into perspective. But it was a perspective that worried him, so now there was work to do. But you could live forever, he thought about blurting out for a split second, ever ready to share the secrets of regeneration he knew of. For now he'd keep it to himself though, for a couple of reasons - he didn't know her well enough yet and he didn't want her to think he was trying to blackmail her. Mohinder owed her his life and planned to repay her however he could, eventually.

Eyes focused on their hands together, he nodded at her question of immortality. "Yes, I will live forever. Even if this body fails me, I can... remanifest it. As a former geneticist, this is difficult even for me to explain. I am part flesh, part energy." He paused, wondering just how much he should share with her right now. He didn't want to frighten her, after all. "I do not have to eat food to continue on, but I am human enough to where I get hunger pains. I can fully enjoy and appreciate a fine meal, and it does supply me energy."

Then a tiny smirk as his eyes glanced up to meet hers. "Not as much energy as this though..." Instead of bringing her hand up to him, Mohinder kneeled before her as though she was his queen. Tender kisses were slowly and carefully placed along each finger while stray curls tickled at her arm and wrist with his movements. Next, her knee was the target, and lips lazily ran across them, taking in her scent, sensing any excitement coming from this moment and relishing it. For an extra tease, a few nips were then trailed up her thigh before his eyes returned to hers, same devilish smirk present. "Gods, you are delicious."

The End

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