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Claire chuckled at his comment. "Yes, some of them can be rather...outlandish. But, I suppose, no more so than any other culture's. Did you know chou chou, a French term of endearment, means cabbage?" She shrugged at the oddities of language, and found herself somehow oddly reassured at his insistence that he would be 'the only guardian she would ever need.'

That feeling deflated, however, at his gentle correction of her terminology. Uncertain as to how she felt about actually owning someone, finding herself faced with its reality brought Claire to a halt. Calling it something else didn't truly change what it was, though it would've made her more comfortable. She didn't object to being waited on, nor to having others run her estate in what manner she saw fit. But they were paid, and not legally hers. In truth, the only reason she'd gone down to the auction house was the fact that they had a reputation for having the most intimidating specimens, those that were truly frightening, and that was precisely what she was after. Signing the paperwork felt no different from any other contract of employment to her, though it clearly did to Mohinder.


The single syllable was the only response she could muster just then. More out of reflex than anything else, Claire's hand moved to cover his, and she narrowed her eyes briefly in thought. Choosing the most obvious response, she shook her head slightly. "I'm not going to live forever, however. So that won't do. Your empl...position is inherently temporary." She shrugged again before blinking a few times. "Do you live forever? Is immortality part of the whole demonic package?" she questioned, making a circle with her free hand to indicate his entire person. Claire suddenly felt rather foolish. Had she been acting her usual haughty self around someone who could easily outpower and outlive her? Not that she would've necessarily modified her behavior, but she would've been more...alert, had she known prior to that moment.

And to think...were that the case, this creature was now bound to her. He seemed genuinely sweet (though demons were notoriously deceptive) and more than eager to please--she wouldn't even have to abuse her status in exchange for his compliance. Infinitely more fascinated by their situation than she'd been a few short moments ago, Claire awaited his answer, a thousand more questions forming on her tongue.

The End

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