Uptown Girl ● ● ● Claire & MohinderMature

The little touches and kisses here and there helped Mohinder tremendously with his energy; he almost felt normal again. Although once he might have been reserved about public displays of affection - especially with someone he'd just met - right now, it felt as routine as breathing. He continued to block his empathy though, not wanting to invade any sort of privacy as he was still getting used to the whole idea of being a creature that doesn't have to have any ethics to begin with. In addition to the energy, Mohinder couldn't deny that he adored being around Claire and being charged with protecting her, so the physical contact was icing on the cake.

Rochelle had enthusiasm, that was for sure. And the demon side of him would note that she also was very perceptive, as his hair was indeed fabulous. "Thank you again," he said quietly as their handshake came to an end. Once outside, he nodded at Claire's question. "Ah yes, the alluring accent gave you away, but I was uncertain of how long you'd lived here. At least it's nice to know you probably find the American sayings as ridiculous as I do." The word honeybunny didn't make any sense. Bunnies did not eat honey that Mohinder knew of.

After she was settled, he slipped into the car as well and listened carefully, not exactly confident with what he was hearing. There was something about the word employment that didn't hit him right, or at least didn't describe the picture he had in his head of this arrangement. "Ah, I see. Well, I can assure you - I am the only guardian you will ever need." Thoughts of having to return to his lonely cell nipped at him, and right then he swore to himself that he would rather escape and forever run than go back to that place ever again.

Pushing those thoughts aside - or at least attempting to - he paused a moment before coming up with a question for her. Well, it was more along a statement with a hint of a question mark behind it. A hand went to gently rest on her knee. "I'm not employed by you; you are my owner. I'm yours... forever." Although Mohinder had meant for that to come out as a confident matter-of-fact, somewhere along the way his voice lowered, bordering on cracking, and eyes fell to focus on his hand that was now fidgeting at her knee.

This was totally irrational. He knew it. But Mohinder couldn't remember the last time he'd been this happy.

The End

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