Uptown Girl ● ● ● Claire & MohinderMature

Claire chuckled and shook her head. "You are allowed to like something without my approval," she quipped. "Whether or not I like it, this style is...well, it's flattering, to say the least." She winked at him, smile returning as he kissed her hand yet again. Knowing now that he did so for reasons other than chivalry or romance, it felt almost...indecent, at least in public. Not that it bothered her--she was something of an exhibitionist anyway--but she felt a little racy at the contact. That he'd pulled her against him did nothing to alleviate that feeling, but Claire wasn't about to push him away. The ruse of romantic interest could be beneficial in that his real purpose as protector wouldn't be given away, giving them the advantage of surprise.

Taking his hand in both of hers, Rochelle pumped it enthusiastically. "It's always a pleasure to work with such fabulous hair," she gushed looking over her handiwork one more time before meeting his eyes. "I'm so glad you have the chance to show it off in public today." She had the decency not to laugh at his use of such a cheesy epithet, though she and Claire exchanged another significant glance, and Claire shook her head, faint smile turning one corner of her mouth upward.

"If you'd be so kind as to add this to my tab, mon amie, we shall be on our way," Claire continued, choosing to ignore "honeybunny" for the moment. Rochelle nodded, calling a teasing "Be safe!" after them as the exited the salon. This brought a laugh to Claire's lips, and as they stepped back outside, she looked to Mohinder. "You do realize I'm hardly American, right?" One eyebrow went up with the statement, and she slipped into the backseat of the car, setting her purse on the floor.

"I do live here, but I was born and raised in London. I still have dual citizenship. That is, in a round about fashion, why I have you here at all." She held up a finger for him to wait one second, turning to address the driver. "La Maison, if you would. They should still have my table open." Focusing on Mohinder again, Claire cleared her throat. "As I've said, I require a body guard, of sorts. What I did not mention is that my brother has taken most of ours with him on his business trip to London. Hence, you," she clarified, gesturing expansively to him with both hands. Claire leaned back in the seat and crossed her legs, getting comfortable. She hadn't yet decided what to do about the inherently short term nature of her need for Mohinder, as William would only be gone for a few weeks. Even these few short hours had made her hesitate about returning the demon once her brother returned, though she truly wouldn't need him after. They had a host of hired help to attend to her needs...perhaps training as a proper body guard? She let out a little sigh and shoved the thought aside for later rumination. It was at least three weeks in the future, and there was still the present to attend to.

"The restaurant is a little over 30 miles away, so we've some time for talk. Now would be an excellent time to ask any other questions you might have regarding your employment," she suggested, adjusting her position slightly to face him fully. And, perhaps, to sit just a little closer.

The End

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