Uptown Girl ● ● ● Claire & MohinderMature

All the glances and smirks went over Mohinder's head as his main concern was hiding what he was from Rochelle. Sure, she probably knew of demons and such creatures and what went on in the black markets, but for one to know and one to witness were two totally different things. And then there were always the assumptions that could be jumped to, and the questions that could be asked. That was the last thing Mohinder wanted to deal with at the moment. Not to mention, there was Claire's reputation at stake.

Not that he knew what her rep was already...

Shy smile widened at the compliment before instantly freezing at the sound of buzzing. Buzzing? But... but that was for shaving close! Eyes wide, they settled on Claire, almost pleading. With super senses and breathe held, he could actually hear the curls hitting the ground. Never had Mohinder taken such a snipping! His hair was the one feature that he was confident about and now... half of it was strewn about the ground.

No, he couldn't preview the new cut, and his dark eyes remained fixated on Claire's until it was over, until he had seen her expression of... approval? As she turned him around in the chair, the tightness in his chest began to fade and at her question, he could finally give a genuine smile. "If it is to your satisfaction, then I like it as well." As if on instinct, a hand went over hers on his shoulder and he gently lifted it to press a kiss to the top. Truth told, it felt a bit drafty. Perhaps he could warm it up in her lap later while they watched a movie together... or something.

That thought pulled a wider grin from him as he stood to shake Rochelle's hand. "Thank you. I've never had a haircut quite like this before. It will take some getting used to, in a positive way, of course." Noticing Rochelle staring and smirking like a cat that swallowed the canary, prompted Mohinder to ramble a little as though an explanation was needed as to why the fancy haircut. "And I cannot wait to take this lovely lady to dinner now. We're going to her favorite restaurant and my appearance must be perfect, you know." After a quiet nervous laugh under her gaze, an arm wrapped around Claire's waist and he pulled her close in a sincere gesture. "Yes, she's my honeybunny, as you Americans say." There. No one would dare doubt a man who used the word honeybunny.

The End

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