Uptown Girl ● ● ● Claire & MohinderMature

Salon? Scalp massage? A brow raised in curiosity at the words. It appeared that he'd literally gone from rags to riches. Still, now was no time to relax while in the lap of luxury; he was still responsible for her safety and gave the inside of the car another once over, eventually making a mental note to ensure it had bulletproof windows and tires once he was finished with it in the coming days. Ooh, maybe even a rocket launcher could be added! Then, a smile. "Sounds delightful. I cannot wait."

Once inside the salon, Mohinder couldn't help squinting as the bright lights hit his sensitive eyes. Natural light was one thing, but this stuff - ow. To get his mind off it, his hand slid into Claire's to practice the ruse of being her boyfriend. Yeah, that was it. "Interesting. I've never met a celebrity before." As they waited, his thumb caressed the top of her hand... but his grip tightened when the woman known as Rochelle came in. Both brows jumped as the little spectacle in front of him went on.

Once the lady's eyes were on him, he felt like a deer in headlights and managed to force a sheepish smile. Claire's fingers running through his hair and her smile helped though, and he concentrated on her energy to calm him. That didn't last long before he was being pulled along to a nearby chair. What did he want his hair to say? Never had he been asked such a question and had to think about it for a moment.

Many things ran through his mind as he glanced back and forth between Claire and the stylist, but finally he spoke up. "I want my hair to say that I am worthy of belonging at her side," he said with a nod towards Claire. "...but not too short, please," he added quietly. If the cut was too short, he'd have to hide his horns all the time. Oh! He'd almost forgotten about those! Didn't want to give Rochelle here a heart attack or anything.

Within a moment of concentration disguised by his rambling on about his hair resume, his small, ebony horns disappeared. "...And so, in other words, I've never been to such an elegant establishment as this. I have utmost confidence you'll do my curls justice, Miss Rochelle." Cue a charming smile that pleaded for her not to mess up his locks.

The End

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