Uptown Girl ● ● ● Claire & MohinderMature

That Mohinder felt he had to earn his spot at her side struck Claire as curious. She had purchased him, after all. Was that not enough? But that was food for later rumination, as her attention was caught by his next words…appear as a couple. She entertained that thought for a moment, imagining herself on his arm just for kicks and giggles. Under different circumstances, it might have been a possibility: he was undeniably handsome, cleaned up well, and seemed a decent enough creature. Certainly had a libido to match hers, a thought which curved her lips upward. The fact that he still held her hand in his did not help in curbing that train of thought.

“You’re welcome,” she managed, though she secretly suspected he already knew how to tie a tie. The hairs on her arm stood up as Mohinder’s lips lingered on her hand, her wrist, her arm. It was forward of him, especially given their circumstances and location, but she liked that in people; the challenge was rousing in more ways than one. She made to say something, though she was unsure whether or not she would encourage his actions, when his stomach voiced its own complaint. 

She grinned, amused, at his apology before she caught sight of the cloud-transported latte. Blue eyes widened in surprise and she moved her free hand to touch the cloud, stopping just short of contact; it was clearly some form of his magic and she didn’t wish to tamper without knowing it was safe. Her natural instincts overrode the knowledge of the necklace she’d been given. “Well isn’t that a fun party trick,” she commented, looking back to Mohinder as he offered to take her for a meal. “This outfit, and presumably the others, is quite to my liking,” she agreed, “though I don’t think you’re ready for fine dining just yet.” Taking her hand back, she was glad of the excuse to finally run her fingers through his curls. It was even more satisfying than she’d imagined, as they were soft and supple under her touch.

“Though these are delightful, they could stand a trim. Along with that stubble, though I’m not sure entirely clean shaven would suit you….” Her hand moved grudgingly from his hair to trace a line across his jaw, his stubble rasping against her skin. “I have a salon where they’ll treat you like a prince,” she added with a wink. “Then we can see to making sure your appetite is satiated." 

The End

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