Uptown Girl ● ● ● Claire & MohinderMature

For a brief moment, as Claire snapped a pic of him, Mohinder forgot he was there against his will. Just earlier he was in a cage, but now he felt like a million bucks and truly wanted to protect this woman. She was sweet, tempting, and right now her circling was almost pulling a blush from him. "Thank you. I must look my best to earn my spot at your side. To others, we might appear as a couple, even. Your attackers won’t suspect a thing.” He smiled at the thought.

At the word PG, Mohinder gave a faux expression of surprise that quickly turned into a knowing smirk. “PG can be dreadfully boring,” he said absently before ears perked up at her next words and eyes settled on her hands, hypnotized as they made the task at hand seem like child’s play. And, although he attempted to focus, the brush of her fingers along his skin pulled the most distracting goosebumps from him and a tingle that shot down his spine. That, combined with the alluring scent of her perfume, was the best kind of torture.

But then it was over, and she was smiling at him. Mohinder returned the smile while gently taking one of her hands into his and caressing it, not wanting the physical contact to end. “It does seem easy, yes. Thank you for teaching me.” Raising her hand, he pressed lips to it before pausing, eyes roaming up her arm for a moment before another kiss was planted on her wrist, then another higher up, as enthusiastically as the ones before. Just as he was about to plant another, his stomach growled as though he’d swallowed a small bear!

“Oh my, I-I do not remember the last time I had a full meal. Please excuse my stomach,” was said as he reluctantly stood up straight. Although he wouldn’t die from not eating, choosing to have a solid, human body still came with all the quirks. It was worth it in the end, he supposed. To be able to touch and kiss, hunger pains were a small price to pay. For the moment, he would have to make due with his latte, and used his powers to transport the cup - which would then appear to be floating on a black cloud - into his hand so that he wouldn’t have to leave Claire’s side. “If these clothes are to your satisfaction, it would be an honor to take you to dinner?” The fact that he had no money seemed to slip his mind though.

The End

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